An idea for fast looting + shotgun shell idea

so shotgun sheels would work like in 2.0
you have to pick up each shell

now for my looting idea
so lets say there are 5 shells
if you hover of the shells
and press and hold F then the tiny dot for a cross hair expanse into a small circle that when you release the F key
you pick up everything in the small circle prioritizing the item you were hovering when you held the F key

tell me what you think

whut? (10 chair limit)

sorry im bad at explaining

basically hold F and pick up several things
and the shotgun shells are the same as in 2.0
were each shell needs to be picked up individually

Would be great for 3.X, where there are loot explosions from dead bodies, and containers. Hopefully it won’t be necessary for 4.X.

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i guess
but if its still a loot-splosion
this woulk help with it

So when you tap f you can pick up single items, but when you hold f you can pick up multiple (i am assuming small) things at once like shotgun shells, or 2 candy bars? I guess that pretty cool. It fits with the irl theme because you can pick up multiple items with your hand.

yeah that’s what i was thinking of

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4.0 will not have a “loot-splosion”. When looting a dead player for example, you will directly be looting their body as opposed to a stack of random stuff on the ground.

This is not only confirmed, but implemented.


i must be blind like holy

that would be cool

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