An intresting suggestion (or 3)

Suggestion #1
Not sure how long it will be till Unturned II is going to have a resemblance of a story, but I think it would be cool if Scorpion 7 was also in it. I also think it would be cool if Scorpion 7 was more defined instead of a super secret organization making super human serum.

Suggestion #2
Sandbox map gets trees.

Suggestion #3
Nelson slowly adds land and map stuff to sandbox to make it an actual map.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments :D.

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An intresting answer:

  1. Scorpion-7 becomes a generic pharmaceutical company and a new research company goes in its place instead.

  2. Sandbox map gets shrubs instead because the dev wants to make an Australia map

  3. Nelson slowly adds more sandbox maps and at some point he will merge all of it into a big jumbled mess of a map and converted it as a arena/pvp map with random player and item spawns.

Feel free to criticise this :D.

But for real:
  1. I don’t think existing lore entities should return to the new game as the lore would be recreated as well, but I wouldn’t mind if the dev chooses to reuse the names. Other than more info/questing relations I doubt there is any more to ‘Controversial research company tries to experiment on new substance and goes wrong’

  2. Anything gets added to the Sandbox map because… it’s sandbox. There’s no need to suggest features in a test map.

  3. Same as answer #2 really, but it’s likely he’ll convert the map into a trial for all core features added in the game along with content to replicate a survival map.