And we'll be using a Hell's fury brush along with Crimson red

Just lightly tap the brush along the canvas, and and in this world, anything is possible.


The hair needs to be brown and you have to have a blue plaid shirt, but other than that, its perfect.

The hair is brown, it’s just a lighting error

What? how? Know what? idc

It’s just a very dark brown.

Nice work!

for some reason though I was expecting a dead ghillie in the zombie pile

Bonus points if you know what map it is.

It looks quite brown in the image anyways. Some of y’all are just blind and/or have monitors you should check the display settings of to make sure that it is outputting properly. >:C

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But what map is it? >:C

OH, I looked up real close at the picture, and its the way the shadows are. I can see brown now


there is a Canadian flag. it is obviously not Washington.

So… Wait… I know the map!

Well, what is it?

His original answer was most definitely removed.