Animal Clipping Issues

Hey, I’ve been working on an animal asset and I’ve fully modeled and animated the animal, as well as implemented it into unity and the game using the guide made by Nelson (Steam Community :: Guide :: Workshop: Others) and I’m running into a strange issue.

Despite having all the settings seemingly correct, the animal will clip through the ground when agroed. It stands perfectly fine if not moving, but it doesn’t seem to do anything but stand there until it becomes aggressive. Once it’s agroed it will just fall through the map.

I thought this may have been related to it’s rigidbody or character controller but they seem to be correct according to the guide and other animals as references so I’m just really confused with what’s wrong. Any help would be really appreciated and if anyone needs any additional info please let me know.

Update: Changing any of the layers only seems to change if the animal can be hurt. I bundled the in game wolf as a test wolf and the issue happened for the wolf as well, making me think the error might not be related to anything I’m doing? Could this possibly be related to using Unity 2018.4.28f1 for the project?

Update Update: The issue has been fixed by changing unity to version 2019.4.36f1, then setting Animal_Client and Animal_Server’s Tag and Layer both to Agent, while still keeping everything else as Tag: Animal Layer: Entity like in the guide. I tried this in my 2018 version and the issue persisted so it must be in the new version.

I’m still not getting animations but the clipping issue has been resolved, if anyone has advice on that it would be appreciated. Leaving this here for anyone who gets this issue since there’s not a lot of documentation on making animals.


Shout out to you for trying to make animals for unturned, i send my condolences :raised_hands:

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Final Update: I figured out the problem with the animations not playing. The bones in unity must be named exactly the same as the bones in your 3d modeling tool (Blender in my case). If the bones are named differently Unity won’t know what to animate apparently. Because of this, make sure your head bone in blender is named “Skull” so that headshots register properly because renaming them in Unity will break your animations.


Good job man, what animals did you create?

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