I think that the animals should be reworked. One thing that bugs me is that none of the animals have tails, and the pig is a reskin of the wolf, and the cow is a reskin of the bear. Sometimes it is hard to tell which is which from a distance. Dear and moose, however, are fine because irl the have like no tail and the have antlers which is pretty cool. I also think more animals which are dangerous should be added, like poisonous snakes for tropical maps, and that they should be easier to hear when they charge at you from behind.


Don’t you think that Nelson can work on something more important and useful, than going into Blender and adding tails to some animal models ?

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He’s going to need to do that anyway, considering this is apparently supposed to be a 4.x suggestion.

Animals do need to be reworked, as of now I really don’t like that that wolves and bears both drop venison and leather opposed to bear/wolf meat and fur, and their actual AI is really easy to beat, it is in fact possible to sneak up on them and just fire a shot from a schofield and kill them in one shot.

Cows and bears are actually different. The Bear’s back is less straight and more humpy, like a {. It also has ears at the top of its head jutting out, and the Cow has them on the side of the head. The Cow’s body is actually larger/longer than the Bear, too. The head shape is completely different, and they’re differently textured/colored.

The pig’s back is more straight than that of wolves’, which is diagonal. Pigs have square heads and wolves have some sort of irregular-hedron for a face. They’re also different colors, have differently shaped ears, and the eyes of a pig are 3D.

I’m not sure why this is an Unturned 4.x suggestion. People don’t need to restrict every idea to Unturned 4.x when the changes are directly relevant to the current game content and quite minor. Unturned 3 exists, people. It kinda feels more like an “add more animals” suggestion, rather than a rework (though both are pretty alright by me anyways).

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