Another one

This time, because there is tons of survival hype, I come to you with some survival ideas!

First- Acid rain/contaminated rain. I don’t know how many times this has been suggested, but I think it would bring a bigger reason for having a base. You never know when it could strike next! The rain would slowly hurt you (And in the case of contaminated rain it would bring down your toxicity levels). It would be a very rare occurrence, almost never happening unless you change it in the settings.

Second- make some ranged zombies! Right now the only zombies that can attack from afar are the mega zombies and the acid zombies, and that needs to change. There needs to be at least ONE more type of smaller zombie that can use ranged attacks. Maybe an ice throwing zombie on snowy maps.

And last but not least, third- I think there should be more natural medicines besides berries. Something like herbs that you can either eat plain or make into tea, and/or, if you add more animals, make medicines that you can create from snake venom. Whatever suits you.

That’s all I could think of for now. Bye!

Acid rain should happen in/near deadzones and nowhere else unless dictated otherwise by the level editor

“Maybe a police officer zombie that has a gun, or an ice throwing zombie on snowy maps.”
no thanks

More medicines would definitely be nice, especially ones that involve hunting or otherwise being in the woods


Ha, yeah. Having more zombies isn’t exactly the biggest thing to do right now. What I really want to see is the medicines, because as of now the only medicines of importance are artificial, and it’s pretty hard to get into a hospital on big servers without being killed at the moment.

More sicknesses as well

I slightly agree. But it shouldn’t occur on the entire map. It should cover a set radius. Preferably the size of Scorpion 7. And of course, don’t damage that much. Probably 5%/s.

I don’t think we need to go that far it, imo


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