Anti-fire system

As Nelson wants to make the fire possible and he showed on the trello I think a defense system for advanced bases should exist, -SMOKE DETECTOR: found in civil houses or in large constructions can be uprooted from the ceiling or you can enter a store and look on the shelves, it only works on homes with electric power when the fire starts it starts to bee, even if you are in a middle distance can hear. -SPRINKLES: are connected to a water system can be signed by means of a lever, in more advanced bases with an automatic system in conjunction with the smoke detectors, when the detector whistles the sprinkle start to gush water until the fire extinguish.


ok go start a votation in here

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It’s an alright idea, but I don’t think fires will spread that much in unturned. Sorry dude.

Why dere no “u gay” option? Or, “no u” option. We need the stuffu

Cause those are very luke-warm and pretty old memes?

They aren’t here bro. They aren’t here…

Believe me, I’ve been here nearly a year.

Glad to hear that this forum is living an entire year in the past.

The memes section revives dead memes here. But other than that we live in the future.


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