Anticheat suck


Gonna skip the intro and write as is, anticheat currently is doing literally nothing, since battleye meant to detect hooks but ends in detecting pirate windows, netcode is most retarded thing ever that beats csgo hit- and move req at all as it results in more laggy movement in PVP both in visual and technical

about cheats they are extremely easy to access (just google and you will get it, no paid/private) as VAC bans affect only account not pc, the only work for cheater is just to update their cheats so they wont be detected by BE or VAC

BattlEye most definitely works, and has banned thousands of cheaters since its implementation.

There is nothing wrong with detecting and blocking pirated copies of Windows 7 that pose a security risk to the game and the anti-cheat.

The “more laggy movement” you’re referring to is authoritative physics. it’s not related to BattlEye, and can be disabled on a per server basis.

There is nothing wrong with having VAC enabled as it still stops cheaters. There’s no reason for VAC to ban a PC.

Your post makes zero suggestions towards improving the anti-cheat, and is only a rant against them for not working 100% of the time, because they require being updated in order to counter newer cheats being specifically tailored against them, just like literally any other anti-cheat.

I’m not sure what this post is meant to accomplish. Did you mean to suggest an alternative/additional anti-cheat, such as FairFight or PunkBuster?


Why would you say such thing to the great eye


You Literally are starting to make it sound like you got a pirated windows and now your raging cause you can’t play unturned. You have been blasting against Battleeye lately

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I am not talking about battleye vs pirate windows as about being weak against actual cheats

nelson should hire EAC/private coders or build his own anticheat

the actual cheats include extremely obvious esp/aim/macro hacks that are easily to spot but undetectable by anticheat

Yeah they may be obvious to you, but the anticheat detects changed code. So sometimes its hidden well. Plus it would take more time and money than Nelson has to make his own anticheat. Don’t think that stuff like that is easy to make. Plus, Nelson likes working by himself when it comes to coding stuff. So there is no way in hell that he would manage to make a anticheat and constantly update it, while working on 4.0 or even 3.0. If you don’t like playing with hackers, play on servers with admins online so they can ban people who Battleeye doesn’t detect.

ya better quit telling me obvious things

Then stop asking or suggestion idiotic things that you know won’t happen.

decided to get cheating trouble into course, just tested a cheat with rageaim and its working well

so “bbuuuut antecheat just works bans chooters” is working only with outdated revisions or with full retards

Yes but you forget… Literally new cheats are made to counter the anticheat every day. It would take Literally all of nelsons time. Battleeye as far as I know has a big team. Also, they are the only anticheat Nelson can afford with his current paygrade.

So basically… It’s a big waste of time.

battleye are known as full tards as their anticheat is easily owned by anyone higher than code monkeys, as PUBG/H1Z1 ended

unturned is going to experience same fate as rust if nelson dont hire some coders or buy EAC

You know what, I’m not going to argue with someone who won’t listen to reason.

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