Anyone else think that the easter egg quests are getting worse and worse? (spoilers)

(Spoilers if you haven’t found all of the easter eggs yet)

When the soulcrystal easter egg was released, I thought it was well done. Typing a name in local chat at night in front of a wall to have it open, then killing enough zombies to be teleported to a laboratory revealing lore was epic.

Fast forward to the MK2 easter egg, which was even better. It was similar to the soulcrystal one, except you had to get a keycard from an NPC, get into the lab in the souldcrystal easter egg, open a door with the keycard to find a map, use the map to find the bones and treasure of a pirate, place them next to the soulcrystal, do the soulcrystal ritual, get teleported into a bossfight with the pirate, kill the pirate mega zombie, pick up the three mini soul crystals, place them in three areas that form three triangle points, go to the white laser to the sky in the middle of the triangle, get a legendary weapon. This is my favourate one so far.

Next up is the eruption easter egg, where you adventure through a huge underground cave system with parkouring over lava on the side, activate multiple altars, find an ancient lava-bathtub thing where you enter the boss fighting arena and kill the mega lava zombie. This one was interesting exploring the eagis facilities and cave.

Last one is the secrets of Neuchswastein (did I spell it right?) castle, where you find a teleporter in the sewers, find 3 teleporter coils, put them in the teleporters, teleport to the castle, fight the boss zombie and take the sword.

I may be too early on this, because the next easter egg could be the better than the mk2 one. But so far, the easter eggs are just becoming shorter and less interesting. Nelson, please make the next easter egg quests longer and have better mechaniccs/puzzles.


Actually, you never needed to get the keycard. That was entirely optional. But yeah, Mk.2 was pretty cool.

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Pirate boss is best boss

I’d like to see a new boss, rather than another with every (current) ability.

It still made the MK2 quest a lot better.

If after killing it, we could get an achievement it should be “Yarrrr”


I’d much rather a long, convoluted easter egg in late-game stages that rewards you with some obscenely powerful legendary weapon or item after a hard fight. Though lay off the fetch quests, 'cause that shit is lame, unoriginal, and boring.

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I like all of them. I’d like bigger ones, but I like the current ones.

Ya, the two newest ones were disappointing to me.

i think you messed up your own logic , you said it was getting worse and worse but you said you liked the mk2 better than all of them , mk2 was after soul crystal , hotel ? trivago , coincidence i think not , instead of "getting worse and worse " maybe you should come up with a story and easter egg of your own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You make no sense

First, soulcrystal and MK II. are pretty much the same easter egg considering you have to do the soulcrystal before you can do MK II. Second, he’s not the developer of unturned.


The easter eggs are getting worse and worse. I never said they were getting worse from the start.

pretty sure that worse is not the word for it , also kerfucko what i meant is for nelson to make a easter egg is pretty difficult and requires creativity , so maybe understand what he is doing and just appreciate it , this thread should be a suggestion to what easter egg should do , not criticizing

Personally I think there getting better, I just think we need more (ie some on pei, Washington Yukon) and more then 1 easteregg per map
actually I wouldn’t call it an easter egg anymore

but a challenge

No, they aren’t getting better. The last two are too simple. The old maps shouldn’t be changed to have them either.

Just as an FYI you can actually reply to posts. But i agree, adding them to old maps wouldn’t serve a purpose.

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Yeah because there less rewarding :confused:

Easter eggs were never about the rewards.

well your right there but ALL easter eggs?

cough mk2 cough