Anyone played mobile games?

  • Yes (comment down below what game do you play)
  • No

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I played Tacticool its a good game :grinning: edited


I played a bunch of timekillers, but speaking of real games, PUBG mobile and XASH 3d engine games (CS1. 6, Half-life)
I don’t think mobile gaming is real gaming yet.


happy jump


Cool! :grin:


i have one
other than that i don’t need another micro-transaction on my phone


My phone won’t scroll up all the way, what’s the question?


The Escapists 2, Asphalt 9


uncrowded is the best mobile game


reigns and bloons 6


Okay now I know. I play dead ahead, and dead ahead Zombie warfare. Vector, geometry dash, and a whole bunch more.


death road to canada


I’ve played hundreds of mobile games, but for the most part retired from them entirely after about 2015.

My most notable experiences:

  • Pre-global release, Canada soft launch Brawl Stars player. Brawl Stars was one of the few exceptions to the 2015 rule, though I’d played it for a whole 2 years before it globally released. I reached 5k trophies on my Android account with a mere 14 brawlers. Quit upon global release as I didn’t like how the game had lost its entire Wild West theme from the beta. I was also unironically a soft launch vet of Clash Royale, and first-month player of Clash of Clans, so if you’re itching to make the quintessential Supercell meme, I’m your guy.

  • Top 50 worldwide leaderboard ranking on Pako, Launchsite map. Top 100 worldwide ranking in Pako 2, Misty Fields. Favourite vehicle? The French.

  • Sky Force Reloaded was undoubtedly one of my top 3 favourite mobile games of all time. The SKy Force series was originally an arcade game from 2004, and the mobile port was incredibly well done. Saw enough success that it got ported to Steam, consoles, and even Nintendo Switch soon after.

  • Tactical games? Doorkickers? Naaaah. I played the game that started it all, and that was the inspiration for Doorkickers; Frozen Synapse had unparalleled depth at the time.


Right now I have Azur Lane, KanColle, and some Chinese tank-themed reskin of KanColle on my phone.


I have like 7 games but I play none of them


minecraft pocket edition demo


Demo? Disgraceful