Anyway to curate this?

Greetings. So, long ago when scalar was released I immediately made this skin called firestorm scalar. I uploaded it to workshop and everything, but the thing is…I’m not 18 in my country, or legal age for that matter and I was hoping if there was any other way this skin could participate in the vast number of skins that hope to get curated, There aren’t many scalar skins and I believe this one would be a good addition to the latter.

So, would you guys upvote this in the workshop if it got a standing in the curated somehow?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for your time,


I really like it but having some pics with attachments would be a good thing.


Hello, I haven’t worked on skinning the attachments, they’re the default color. I didn’t skin them because this skin wouldn’t make it to curated, i thought, so why skin them? If somehow this becomes eligible I would immediately skin the attachments as well

thanks for the kind words

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