Appeal to nelson

Hello, I want to give advice to Nelson, I know that I am nobody to give him advice, but …
Nelson, it would not be bad if you made the foundations of the game, and then later added various things such as trunk opening, etc.
I want to see some kind of foundation, for example, various types of clothes, backpacks, weapons, modules, I want to see some kind of map where there will be different buildings, zombies, loot, I want to see the gameplay how it all will look, and you can add small details later I am wrong

But that’s exactly what he’s doing?


but we did not see so much, I mean that instead of specifying on the details, Nelson can make things more important, and only then add details

Isn’t that how development works? Unturned II won’t be released until it’s good and ready anyway.


What is Devlog #19?
edit: Maybe Devlog #18 would’ve been a better, more articulate example.
If you aren’t referring to working on game mechanics first, then my guess is you want to just see a bunch of coding.

I agree with this.

I don’t agree with this, as those are not the “foundation” of the game. You’re asking for Nelson to add a ton of the same content, to fluff/flesh it out, rather than actually work on the foundation.

Having a ton of backpacks is not something that should be considered “more important” over new features, or polishing.

  • It should be: Functional content --> polished content --> variety of that same content.

  • You’re asking for: Functional content --> variety of that same content --> polished content.

Essentially, what U3 is. I don’t think it makes sense to create such a heavy backlog. Polishing/improvements should be done early on, so that new content can come out quicker and so that the gameplay experience is better.

Some variety in the same content early on is fine, (especially when even though it’s still the same type of content, it is functionally unique, like a shotgun and a sniper rifle both being firearms). But, it’s definitely not something that should be prioritized. Because then, whenever it comes time to make changes/improvements/polishes, it takes much longer (assuming it’s even feasible anymore).


All game devs already establish a foundation in their game because it is a normal thing with project management/creation.

What you’re asking for is adding many unimportant content. I don’t think you know how to effectively prioritize things. It was also the same way how 3.0 turned out.


Things like trunk opening are foundation. Every thing must have open and changeable code or be done well if other updates will add things.
That’s why 4 is a new game, and why Nelson can’t add some things to 3.

Not exactly.
Trunk opening is not nearly as important as coding the functionality of hunger, thirst, how weather affects hunger and thirst, equipping an item without any possible exploit including weapons, item drops, and clothings.
After that, you can consider external storages to be important if I didnt forget something.

If you wanna know the foundations, you have to know what can make a game into a survival game instead of a Battle Royale/FPS

Surely, opening a trunk is important, but it’s not foundation.

I meant adding support for things like that. In unturned 3 there is no support for features like this.

But my point was that trunk opening might be important, but it’s not a foundation. Everything else you’re saying is true and correct

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