Aquatic Sea life

I alway tought Unturned was missing Aquatic Sea Lifes such as fishes, but not only .
so i made a post about my though on how sea life should be made .

  • first of all, i would like fishes to be added, they would naturally swim and you would just have to catch them, there would be a different variety according on maps

  • i would also enjoy some shellfish you could harvest on the beachs, it would provide few food but could be a good way to sustain until you could have a farm or better fishing system

  • sharks, piranha and aquatics predators , i agree it may look too much but sea hasn’t been a challenge until now, you could easily swim between islands without getting threatened by any kind of predator, this has to change

  • mammals, such as seals , sea lions, they would be rare but would occasionally provide fur and a lot of food

  • cetaceans , this time, we are talking about the kings of the sea, the cetaceans, while extremely rare, thoses will be neutral towards humans , and would usually be find in the deepest depths of the oceans, while you could also find some swimming near the shore or your boats. i have to admit it, all i want to see in unturned is an Killer Whale :smiley:


This isn’t Minecraft. Nobody “tames” fish, you catch them for food. I’m just gonna assume that’s what you meant.

Yeah, I suppose. Things like crab meat do provide pretty decent nutrition. You’d have to cook them really well not to get sick though, just like all meat.

I have a few problems with this. First of all, aquatic predators are super geographically and biome specific, so they’d likely have to see some reasonable restriction. Secondly, shark attacks are actually extremely rare, and I’d be far more concerned about things like exhaustion and hypothermia being the biggest threats when swimming. Aquatic predators are really unnecessary and I disagree with implementing them.

The more the merrier I guess? Not exactly something we need, but okay.

Dolphins are commonly seen on the surface, and whales surface too. Doesn’t necessarily have to be at depth, but whales should be more commonly seen in deep waters. They would provide massive amounts of food but they’d also be very hard to kill, requiring a proper whaling boat and equipment such as several harpoons.


I actually meant catch and not tame , let me correct this .

if you could stand on large boats that would be cool, have a fishing boat that you could freely walk on the decks and harpoon a whale, haul it up on a boat, that would be very cool

also perhaps you could use the whale oil for oil lamps, etc, as a less reliable way of creating light and power (providing campfires and torches will go out, but oil lamps don’t go out as fast)

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… uh what? Ahh yeh, ill just go an’ catch a whale by me’self and make cap’m yarrr proud! Not like the lads in the 1800’s had any trouble catchin’ whales as an ole’ crew.

you’d need more than one player, i’m not saying you’d do it buy yourself

To answer @GreatHeroJ about aquatics predators .
so far, Unturned only threat has been players, zombies and “maybe” terrestrials animals, however, you could easily swim between many islands without being threatened. that has been already said but here is my opinion .

First of all, aquatic predators are super geographically and biome specific, so they’d likely have to see some reasonable restriction.

that is a thing i agree with, many aquatic predators are specific to some biomes, but predators wouldn’t be common thing and the chances of them attacking you would be very low . Shark attacks are maybe rare , but there are some others animals that are way more aggressive than sharks, such as saltwater crocodiles, sea snake .
some animals that ain’t predators are also very dangerous, like box jellyfish, lion fish, electrics eel, toxic cone snail, blue ring octopus , pufferfishes, stone fishes, sea slugs or largests creatures such as Killers whales or Sperm whales , we could maybe even imagine aquatics turneds ( i am gonna stop there or i will never stop xD ) .

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