"Art" that bulge tho


Just made “art” and wanted to share it to you guys, tell me want I did wrong, I know the boot is kinda trash.

Edit: oof I am soirry nolsene


wow crotch bulge in the second picture :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: (/s but not really)

I’m definitely not an art critic, but looks like you did pretty well!


Oh did I make it too big


That a a big boner


a big boner makes my bone bigger.


notices bulge OwO what’s this?

Seriously though that looks like Dan Paladin’s art kinda


No make it bigger :drooling_face:


He looks happy. He must be playing Kuwait!
nae Nelson Certified!


My first real moments of me trying to draw was indeed inspired by dan pallidin, now I’m trying to gear off his style forge myself one


huh, that’s neat.


That Indeed


Looks good. Love the david bowie esque buldge 10/10




True that, with his boss man unform


We are big gays now from looking at that mf bulge.


i mean i was already gay but uhhhhh

despacito or something?? im funny haha


Very nice artstyle, could definetly be used for a pretty great comic!


My day has been ruined from this topic. And I’m on vacation T-X


i thought the boots look nice


This first thing I look at is the bulge