AS Val

Nelson should add an AS Val so the matamorez can be a sniper again. All he needs to due is make a model for it and re-texture the mata box to be the new mag. This would spice up the boring 3.0 and give us something new as we wait for 4.0. The AS Val should have the same stats as the current matamorez 70 dmg maybe 200m range? It should continue to use high cal to make up for the high damage. The mata will return to being a sniper rifle that could be the ranger counterpart to the grizzly. The reworked mata should have at least 250m range and the auto fire-rate can be reduced to 2rps and slightly more recoil.

No, we don’t need anymore guns. Sure, lower the fire rate of the Matamorez and lower the damage to be less of a Grizzly, but we don’t need an entirely new gun.


Also remove the raiding capability and increase the range to at least a competent 200m. Please.

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What I think Nelson should do is change the mata into an asval. I.e. lowering the damage, type of ammo and the ability to raid.

Well the matamorez is an old time favorite that was in the game since 1.0! So I think that he should keep it and add this new gun.

mata is not imba as rather very poorly designed

range to 200, caliber to low, damage to 65, remove raid potential

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Yes, this would actually put it more in line with both the VSS and AS VAL.

9x39mm is closer to standard rifle caliber than to the higher calibers, and while it has armor penetration qualities at midrange, it definitely does not have anti-materiel properties.

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