Aspects on Death

Hello everyone if you died in 3.0 you probaly know Where did the shot come from, did how died, did the weapon how you die, and probabily is seeing he looting your itens because have a camera spinning 360° degrees what does not make any sense.

because this i create this beautifull topic to complicate the things.

I did not want to go in the part where you are alive but just a thing add when alive.


  • sound propagation using of base.
    the player go hear the shoot in base of distance = time song propagation

(a guy in 10 meters of shoot go hear the shoot first than a guy in 100 meters)

When Death

  • Open a menu black maybe a song in background with options respawn, disconnect and options (graphics).

  • Show who killed you

  • You dont have more contact with the game.
    until you press respawn


The idea you suggested is exactly the same, except with a disconnect button.

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Sounds like FPS games. (like CSGO , TF2 , ETC) What about that shows you in bottom of screen the name of the guy who killed you and the weapon he/she used.

Shouldn’t most deaths end up being environmental? It’s a survival game after all.


It could be just generalized to a death message for any type of fatality.

my idea is in resume you dont have more contact with the game when you die. (in case your vision, wath you hear, dont show more!)

I saw that before you deleted it bruh.

Great idea, I think a lot ppl misunderstanded.
I want, when I die: black screen, name of player who killed my with which type of weapon.
Not the exact name of the weapon, but which sort. Like: shotgun.
Ofc w/ black screen, respawn & exit button.

once again, that’s the exact same as it already is except with an exit button.

And a black background.

I don’t really see the point of having a solid black background, though. It would be visually unpleasant. If there’s a problem with showing your dead body in the background, I’m fine with it being changed, but I’d much rather it be something that looks less lazy and unpleasant than a plain black background. (If someone suggests a plain white background I’m gonna flip my shit.)

you know someone will suggest it because you said that, right?

Well… We we could have the 360 thing… Fade to black at a moderate pace (after 3 sec of full color, when it starts fading and goes light colorblind)

Then background fades away, then only your body remains, and it’s blood.

Then have the name slowly pop up, method of death, and weapon, and if you turned or not (in that order).

(If turned, you will see your body get up and light vision returns, and a option to play as turned)

Why don’t we keep the camera on the face of the character we’re playing as it falls down to the ground and having the screen slowly fade to black with the name of the killer, and item used. If the person died because of the environment, then same screen, but just a text that says “You fell to your death” or something like that


No it’s not. After I die, I can easily see ppl crawling to my dead body.
And I don’t get the notification what killed me.

All you said was a black screen with buttons, which is what we have. The one we have now is a black and white transparent screen. What you should have said is a solid black screen so you can’t the environment. So,don’t go blaminge that you weren’t specific enough.

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