Assetbundles from other maps

Hello everyone. Is there any way to put all bundles of other maps into bundle folder of my map, so players won’t download all objects for my map separately. For example: put somehow all bundles from athens arena, greece, etc into bundle folder of my map. I tried it a few weeks days ago, but it didn’t work. Idk what to do

Kind of stealing kiddo, if the map uses asset bundles its possible, but if it uses Master Bundles then it’s not. Athens Arena and Greece both use Master Bundles, so it’s not possible.


Thanks. I just like all stuff from other maps and I want to use it in my map ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

If a map uses master bundles it doesn’t make it impossible, just harder

I mean yeah your right, if you insert Master_Bundle_Override {NAME}.masterbundle and maybe Exclude_From_Master_Bundle into the .dat it should work.

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