Attachment stuff (Ideas idk)

Some attachment ideas I’ve come up with, specifically designed according to the new Ability Stats

I can’t be bothered with sights. They’re all the same with nothing interesting except some gimmicks like night vision and different zoom values


  • Not all should be considered
  • Numbers are just for you to get an idea of what they would do. They are not meant to be realistic
  • All attachments add a small amount of weight except some things like custom stocks


AP Bullets

  • Compatible depending on weapon calibre
  • Armor pierce: ??? (Not sure)
  • Base damage: 75%

HP Bullets

  • Compatible depending on weapon calibre
  • Armor pierce: -???
  • Base damage: 125%

Tracer Bullets

  • Compatible depending on weapon calibre
  • Replaces bullet trail with a red trail
  • Muzzle Velocity: +10%



  • Compatible depending on weapon calibre
  • Ceases zombie aggravation from sound, modifies sound
  • Muzzle velocity: -20%

Flash Hider

  • Compatible depending on weapon calibre
  • Hides gun flash

Muzzle Brake

  • Compatible depending on weapon calibre
  • Vertical recoil control: +20%
  • Horizontal recoil control: +10%


  • Shotguns with barrel hooks only
  • Base spread: -25%

Makeshift Muffler

  • Crafted, requires a certain skill level
  • Ceases zombie aggravation from sound, modifies sound
  • Muzzle velocity: -30%


  • Replaces gun melee with a forward thrust, dealing extra damage


Vertical Grip

  • Vertical recoil control: +40%
  • Horizontal recoil control: +20%

Horizontal Grip

  • Vertical recoil control: +20%
  • Horizontal recoil control: +40%


  • Applies below effects when prone
  • Vertical recoil control: +60%
  • Horizontal recoil control: +60%

Makeshift Grip

  • Crafted, requires a certain skill level
  • Vertical recoil control: +30%
  • Horizontal recoil control: +15%


Comfort Grip

  • You feel much better, increasing health regeneration by 0.01%

Auto Conversion

  • Adds an auto fire mode to certain guns
  • Illegal. Chance of being arrested by Canadian Government: +99%
  • Chance of being liberated by the US: -99%


Extended Magazine

  • Ammo capacity: +Varies

Drum Magazine

  • Ammo capacity: ++Varies
  • Reload speed: -25%
  • Aiming speed: -15%


Sawed-Off Conversion

  • Reduces inventory slot size of certain guns
  • Aiming speed: +50%
  • Equip speed: +50%
  • Base spread: +25%
  • Aiming spread: -25%

Barrel Extender

  • Compatible depending on weapon type
  • Aiming speed: -30%
  • Equip speed: -25%
  • Muzzle velocity: +20%
  • Base spread: -25%


Bullet/Shell Holder

  • Only for guns with a stock and without magazines/clips, like some shotguns and rifles
  • Reload speed: +25%

Custom Stock

  • Changes stock appearance
  • Reduces weight
  • Aiming speed: +10%
  • Equip speed: +10%

Bump Stock

  • Replaces semi with auto
  • Blocks handguard slot
  • Base spread: +25%
  • Has its own rate of fire (Auto) value
  • Chance of gun license removal: +50%
  • Guarantees criticism from liberals
  • What are you doing with this thing…


Tactical Light

  • Toggle for light (Grade 2)

Makeshift Tactical Light

  • Crafted, requires a certain skill level
  • Toggle for light (Grade 1)

Tactical Laser

  • Applies below effects when activated
  • Emits a laser to aid in aiming
  • Base spread: -15%

Makeshift Tactical laser

  • Crafted, requires a certain skill level
  • Applies below effects when activated
  • Emits a laser to aid in aiming
  • Base spread: -10%


  • Displays distance value

Adaptive Chambering

  • Rate of fire (Auto): +20%
  • Base spread: +15%

Selective Chambering

  • Rate of fire (Auto): -20%
  • Base spread: -15%

You know what I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore


inb4 bipod and 8x scope and bump stock on an eaglefire gives you a “What happens in Vegas…” achievement

I definitely like most of the ideas here, but I disagree with changing the weapon to automatic, unless there is a penalty. I’ve brought it up in the past; if you have a Maplestrike and an Eaglefire, what’s the different if you just make your Eagle auto?

I also don’t think we need bump stocks, makeshift lasers, sawn off conversions (only for certain weapons instead of all), nor health regen from grips (although that is a neat idea that could be extended to clothing).

A compromise brought up in the past was highly customizable makeshift weapons, which could be made semi or auto or whatever, and I definitely would support that.

I support extra customization as well, but I don’t want to see it make weapons all the same. I also think certain guns should have/not have certain modifications applicable or not.

Example: Perhaps your trusty AKM can have its stock cut off to make it a secondary at the price of increased spread, stability loss, and recoil, and while the AKM isn’t completely on par with an M4 or other military grade rifle, it features better damage and the ability to be sawn off.
Other wooden guns should also have this ability, which would make rather interesting early/mid game loadouts. Perhaps a generic AR 15 rifle as a primary with a cut down hunting rifle (or Obrez) as a secondary.

I think the higher you go up, tier wise, the less you have for options… in a way.

Modern weapons would have rails, allowing for tacticals, giving them a great edge over basic, rail-less civilian grade weapons, but they wouldn’t be able to be modified unorthodoxly with sawn off stocks or fire mode changes. Makeshift/basic civilian would allow for more unconventional modifications (and the potential for addable rails), while military would allow for more conventional modifications (barrel attachments, rail attachments, multiple sights at once, etc).

TL;DR: Civilian tier should focus on sawn off stocks, fire mode changes, etc (aka unconventional) while Military focuses on attachments you can already find (aka conventional)


well for bump stocks, the obvious penalty would be that the visual recoil would be ridiculous to the point of being incredibly disorienting, as well as just having high recoil over all, due to the instability it introduces

it’d also probably have either a lower RPM then that of an actual automatic variant or a much more inconsistent one since it’s still dependent on trigger pulls

tl;dr: bump stocks would basically be a discount full auto

Hm forgot to categorize

This made me laugh, not gonna lie xD
But overall, loved the layout and the ideas behind most of what you suggested tho makeshift attachments made me raise an eyebrow

I like most of the others but the “comfort grip” just seems weird to me. Something about an inanimate piece of metal having the ability to heal you, I guess.

Yes, bump stocks should be added but wtf is a auto conversion? You literally described a bump stock with a diff name.

IRL you can illegally modify certain guns to fire fully automatic, with some tinkering and the correct tools/know-how.

A famous example is the Tec-9.

okidoki bro-ski, sounds like something a gun law full country would do…

First of all, I’m Canadian, and second of all, how is that even relevant?

Full auto conversions are typically done by anyone from insurgents to terrorists in active war zones. That really has nothing to do with the civilian population, especially Canada of all places.

Firstly, no.
Second, why would the handguard effect the firemode? The attachments menu in the Devlog had receivers, which would make much more sense for that.

What about colors and battery life for lights?
Why would adaptive and selective chambering be tactical attachments, those could just be features of different receivers.

Wow, that’s in poor taste.

I would like this, but it should be noted that Nelson hasn’t made any mention of attachments changing a weapons size.

That’s not a very broad range, what about gangsters and protesters?

what about gangsters and protestors

Again, I live in Canada. We’re not that crazy.
It’s hard enough to carry around a slingshot.

Yes, actually, he has. Specifically in the last devlog.

Receivers are not replaceable like other attachments. They’re literally just “the gun” itself in 4, so this would be more like just using a Maplestrike Receiver instead of an Eaglefire Receiver and putting all your attachments on that instead.

iirc most of the community is favoring one receiver per gun anyways, which in my opinion still makes more sense fundamentally anyways. A Maplestrike Receiver and an Eaglefire Receiver would realistically be able to take most of the same things anyways.

I think it’s implied, since the former is already more-or-less implemented for holographic sights and the latter is planned for items.

This is already added. Attachments change gun size. An Eaglefire Receiver with no attachments is not a 5x2 in the inventory, for example.

Where did you find that?
(I swear this guy keeps revealing things about 4.X, and then telling me Nelson never said anything about them.:grin:)

That one in particular I know is public pre-Molt and is from a GitHub post regarding attachments. (This one in particular:

Comfort Grip
Auto Conversion



sorry for offending you, what I meant was that there are people who love guns in Canada and there are some who might hate the restrictions and modify weapons in secret.

What happens when I try to write things during midnight :wink: