Simple post. As of lately, Nelson has been making changes to Unturned 3 to better comply with things like copyright law and GDPR, and such considerations are likely being given to Unturned II as well. (GDPR isn’t directly relevant, but I’m using it as an example as it shows Nelson’s intentions to do things “proper.”)

With this in mind, I think it’d make sense for Unturned II (and Unturned 3 even) to have a proper “Attributions” section (either in-game or as a page on the underappreciated Smartly Dressed Games website).

While it’d include other things (such as the third-party special thanks in Unturned 3’s current credits), I’m mainly making this post for sound attributions.

The Creative Commons website showcases good examples of attribution really well, imo.

This post can technically apply to #unturned-3 also. :man_shrugging:


wE hAvE uPdAtEd OuR pRiVaCy PoLiCy


The website might be underappreciated because it doesn’t look appealing. I would love it to get a revamp, I even volunteer as a tribute to make one!

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