Autumn Update | November 1, 2020


  • Updated to the latest beta version of Discourse.
  • Updated the docker-manager.
  • Updated all plugins to support the latest version of Discourse.
  • Removed the styleguide plugin, which is now a part of core.
  • /styleguide is now publicly viewable.
  • Various security fixes.
  • Updated the FAQ/Guidelines to link to the Code of Conduct.


  • New /home, /blog, and /wiki permalinks will lead to the SDG website, SDG Blog, and SDG Wiki respectively.
  • Limit who can send you PMs via the “Only allow specific users to send me personal messages” user preference.
  • When highlighting text to quote, users now have additional options for sharing the quote externally.
  • Staff can enable “slow mode” on topics.
  • More information is provided when users export their data.
  • Visual distinction between group mentions and individual mentions.
  • Bulk actions process in smaller batches to avoid errors.

Code of Conduct

As a part of improving our documentation of site policies and how we moderate, the Code of Conduct has been adjusted to use a new dedicated page. In the future, more important policies and other relevant information will be found on such pages.

  • Lead section: minor wording changes, no changes of substance, now links to TOS.
  • Hateful Conduct: linked to the “hate group symbols” policy.
  • Malicious Programs: specified that the sharing of malicious programs may lead to an indefinite suspension.
  • Impersonation: broadened definition to include any individuals or groups, and specified that impersonation of SDG may result in an immediate indefinite suspension.
  • Discretion: new section that explains what is commonly referred to as “moderator discretion”.


  • Updated the slugs for all Unturned II categories for consistency with official game name.
  • Updated the category descriptions for #unturned and #unturned-4 to be shorter.
  • Adjusted the colors of some categories for better readability.
  • Fixed various category permissions.


  • Updated the Crazy in Love (20 days → 5 days) and Higher Love (5 days → 3 days) badges to have a more respectable objective.
  • Added the Halloween 2020 event badge.
  • Fixed an issue with the Anniversary 2020 event badge not having been granted.
  • Updated various badge queries for efficiency and error-handling.
  • Updated the descriptions and icons of various badges.



  • Updated to support the latest Discourse version.
  • Updated to support published pages.


  • Updated to support the latest Discourse version.
  • Updated to support published pages.
  • Removed now-redundant customizations.

Material Design

  • Updated to support the latest Discourse version.
  • Updated to support published pages.

Nyx Theme

The slight adjustments to the Nyx color palette helps to make it a bit better than just a “darker dark theme”, by utilizing standard contrast guidelines for readability.

  • Updated to support the latest Discourse version.
  • Updated to support published pages.
  • Updated the Nyx theme for better contrast as per standard readability guidelines.

Sam’s Simple Theme

  • Updated to support the latest Discourse version.
  • Updated to support published pages.
  • Removed now-redundant customizations.
  • Removed the thumbs up like button, in favor of the standard heart love icon.

Vincent II

Vincent was a third-party theme that has had support dropped for several months now. For now, it will be temporarily and partially supported through our own fork of the theme. Vincent II will continue to receive updates over time, to have it better support future Discourse versions, and to introduce more ideal mobile support to the theme.

  • Removed now-redundant customizations.
  • Updated to uniquely support published pages.
  • Further accentuated replies that have staff color enabled on them.
  • Fixed contrast for staff-viewable flag counters on user profiles.
  • Adjusted topic titles and pp notices to be aligned with rest of topic.
  • Removed excessive padding between the top of pages and first content.
  • Changed the category badge designs from a semicircle to a rectangle.

Theme Components

  • Updated various theme components to support the latest Discourse version.
  • Adjusted header links to use new permalinks.
  • Cleaned up various component settings.
  • Removed the deprecated “trust level avatar flair” component.

SDG Blog

This section details information regarding the SDG Blog.

  • Updated the categories to use the official names of our games.
  • Updated devlogs #001‒14 to use the game’s official name.
  • Updated many more blog posts for general cleanliness and copyediting.
  • Various minor CSS fixes.
  • Released In-between Devlogs #040-041 Episode II.

Two-week global pin.

Finally, the “yall cant behave” button.


yoo what about a benson theme :rage:


I feel bad for those that spent 20 days of their life spam liking every post on the forum just for a badge


To be fair, the previous stance was “we’ll disable the badge outright if more people keep doing this”, and “we’ll remove your badge if it’s acquirement ran counter to what the badge is about”.

Maybe in 2025 we’ll have the Super Duper Crazy Love badge where people need to do this for 365 days, and they’ll already have a head start! /s.

Most people, fortunately, don’t farm for the badge in a way that’s obnoxious to other users, and those that were going to anyways won’t be doing it for 20 days anymore.

Fixed an issue with these options now showing up just now. Due to some other issues, only the “Twitter” share button is available.


did the button get moved from preferences? I can’t find it

also the link to the code of conduct page doesn’t work

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You can access user preferences from your profile, which can also be reached from the top-right dropdown.


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not preferences, I mean the exporting data thing

To me, the best way to make it would be taking the average of likes an user has given in a certain amount of day, and give badges accordingly.
Right now, the badge requires to hit the magic number (which is 50 likes) each day.
Let’s say crazy in love requires you to give an average of 30 likes in a day, throughout 20 days. If you miss one day, you can give more likes another day.


This was an issue that I originally wanted to resolve by this update, but haven’t been able to do so as of yet. I’m still unsure as to what information regarding post Likes is neatly collected by Discourse in a way where I could efficiently place something into a badge.

The “50 likes” is technically tracked by whether or not you hit the 1.0x daily hard limit, rather than “hey, they’ve done 50 likes today”.