Ballistic chart for 4.0

I saw your dev-blog that can set-up the Muzzle velocity.

And, I was wondering that “I wonder if there’s the simulated ballistic trajectory…” Just like the PUBG’s new ballistic update.

So, just watch it and let’s discuss about it.
12.7mm, 29" Barrel, M107(Grizzly) with Leupold Mark 4 Scope and 750gr Hornady A-MAX.
M4A1(Closest gun is the Maplestrike, C8A1), 14.5" Barrel, 5.56mm with M68(CompM4) Aimpoint Sight and M855A1 Green tip ammunition.

Just some thoughts about realism.

But I have to say, this will make sniping even harder. At 300yds you can still shoot easily but after 500yds, it will get much harder because of that ballistic trajectory, and you’ll probably need Mil-Dot scope and ballistic charts for sniping.

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Dude just delete the comment if you don’t want it to be seen.

i have to wait next 24 hrs lol

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