Ban Appeal - 1 year followup

Hello again, I am radwiniscool#3376, and I was falsely banned from the Unturned Discord server a little over a year ago. I appealed my ban, but was denied. (Previous thread here: Official Unturned Discord server appeal)

I’m here to re-appeal, and hopefully lay this petty issue to rest.

In the previous thread, I was appealing my TOS violation ban.
I acknowledge that at a glance, it would appear that I violated the terms of service in some way, but after over a year of contemplation, I finally feel like I can prove that my ban was a mistake.

The root of my ban lays in a group consisting of one member (younger me) and the desire for anarchy. I had it set in my mind that I would roleplay as a terrorist in roleplay servers and raid in-game bases in exchange for in-game money.

I admit, I wasn’t very good at expressing my thoughts a year ago, and so the moderators of this forum were right in thinking that I meant something else (raiding entire servers).
However, I never had the intention of raiding anything else besides ingame bases, and I apologise for not knowing how to put that into words.

I do not have any records from that time period that help prove my statement, nor do I have friends that knew me then, so I’m asking that you take my word. After all, our word is all we have here.

I know it’s a bit cliché, but I really have matured.

P.S. If you do unban me, please note that I am well beyond my “anarchy” phase, and will be on my best behavior until I inevitably grow out of block games.

The ex-troublemaker

Apologies, I forgot to add my Discord ID.



I was the moderator responsible for your ban on December 2021. First I’d like to thank you for the clarification on the matter. I will unban you as soon as I finish writing this post.

That aside, I looked back on how I handled your ban and realized I likely acted without making sure your intentions were indeed what I interpreted them to be. I suppose how I would have gone about doing that is an entirely different matter, but I digress. I apologize for having you wait over a year before being unbanned over a misunderstanding, and hope you can accept my apology.

See you in the server.


No worries! I understand. Thank you for realizing your error and dealing with it responsibly.

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Ban was appealed.