Ban Appeal for Discord

Hello! My discord account that I had a while back was hacked and sent a spam link in the unturned discord. I deleted that account shortley after getting hacked I have a new discord account now but it seems to be that I am hardware or Ip banned from the discord, Any help please?

(current disc: Dark0#7278)

Do you have the user id of the old account or your current id? Your tag won’t be very helpful for the mods

It is a deleted account so no.

What was the name of your old account?

It is a deleted account, So it does not have a name nor do I remeber, I think it had a unicorn PFP but I am not to sure.

We have logs of everything you did on the account, all we need is the name you used on the account when you were using it…

IT was D4rk Or something like that.

It was Dark.#-

I dont remeber the numbers

Your deleted account has been unbanned.

See if you can join now.

I am in

Thank You!

Issue was resolved.