Ban Appeal

Hello My name is Kieran#9693 / 1015046291241316372 / Cizzie I was banned from the discord about a year ago or more due to someone that that manged to crack my discord password and start sending IP grabbers to every discord community I was in and all my friend I had. Just now I Got access back after going back and forth with my emails and passwords to get back in and now I just want to be unbanned as of my knowledge I heard that the unturned discord is helpful for returning players looking for some fun time to enjoy the server.

Thank you for reading this you regards Kieran#9693

I can’t find you with just the name and tag, and the ID you gave is not your user ID.

Random accounts do not get brute forced, 2FA is a thing that exists.
Pablo is also correct in that neither that user handle nor the ID provided return any results.

While you are at it please tell you “friend” League#7727 (995821326243725343) to chill. Kinda odd he has Steam account linked that shares a name with the one you used to post in here tho.

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