Ban Appeal

Hello, I am Theo#2545. I have recently been banned on the Discord server, this was on 2023-03-24. I would like to make an appeal to be unbanned from the Discord server. Why am I asking for a ban appeal? Because I have played unturned since 2014 and still like it. Having access to the discord server gives me access to see unturned servers that I would not be able to see without #Adverisment-channel. I was banned for “Referring to LGBT as a mental illness & people as delusional. Saying LGBT should be removed from the community. Inappropriate discussion about suicide. Other transphobic comments that had since been deleted.” I am sorry for saying that Transgender people have a mental illness. I will be more careful with my words in the future. This will not happen again.

You were banned for numerous infractions back to back. How you weren’t banned after the first is beyond me. I don’t believe you when you say that you’re sorry. You’ll “be more careful with my words”: what, so you can avoid a ban next time you say the stuff you clearly believe? You should stay banned.

Not all of the relevant deleted messages were logged. But given the ones that were, and the context of those other messages, your appeal is denied at this time.

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Appeal was denied.