Bandit.545's vehicle mods have such great physics and they should be used as the new improved vehicle physics

Title says it all. If you’re anything like me and enjoy messing around with modded vehicles then you’ve probably come across some of Bandit.545’s mods. Chill Drive, Stylized Drivers, Project: Stylized, whatever. I never thought I’d be saying this for Unturned of all things but his mods offer a legitimately pleasant driving experience that I actually unironically find myself hopping on a singleplayer world to just drive around because they’re just so good it’s surprisingly relaxing.

A couple months ago we got a devblog from Nelson saying how he was stepping back from 4.0 to bring some of its features into 3.0, one of them being improved vehicle physics. Well, if Nelson’s looking to improve vehicles in the game then he should probably take notes from Bandit because his vehicles feel like actual cars. They have actual suspensions and don’t bungee-cord and seesaw all over the place the second you go over a bump. Only Chill Drive V1 has some clunky physics to them but that’s only because that’s Bandit’s first mod (AFAIK) so I’ll give him a pass. Chill Drive V2 is a huge improvement.

Of course Bandit’s mods aren’t not the only ones to have such pleasant physics to them. There’s Genestic12’s Cordoba mod, UDarkRP Vehicles, and Vanilla Vehicles, just to name some. I highly recommend these as well.

Now this might be easier said than done because implementing these types of physics might require a complete revamp to the vanilla vehicle models. All these mods have actual wheel wells, whereas the tires in Unturned’s current models kinda just protrude out of the side. Like, they’re just connected there. I’m no modder though so I could just be overthinking this.

But yeah, that’s the end of this post. Of course, Nelson did say that he was tackling some pretty tough personal issues so we shall give him however much time he needs before he’s ready to bring in some much-needed quality of life improvements. These are just my two cents.


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