Bandit and Survivor NPCs

This is my first post on the forum, also I am not english so sorry for the mistakes.
Nelson already said that there would be Bandit NPCs so here’s a few ideas:
/ Groups of bandits, how many? Depends on the size of the map. Large maps would have 4
groups. Medium maps would have 3, and small maps would have 2 groups.
/ After a short amount of time (around 30 in-game days) bandits will start building small bases (not
as big as the Hellenic forces or the Liberator, more like a smaller version of the Omega).
/ As time goes on their numbers will start to grow. That makes the Player have to be faster with
gathering loot, so you could get rid of them. Bandits will place beds, so they can respawn.
/ After all of them are killed and the base raided, one bandit will spawn randomly on the map, so
the cycle repeats. Also, every week Bandits will go on scavanging runs. They will go to a few
locations and loot them, kill zombies and die. It would be cool because the Player could make a
trap and clean up the Bandits when they are low on numbers and health and steal loot.
/ Once in a month or 2, Bandits will try to raid you if they know your location. That means you will
always be skeptical if they are watching you. That will make you think about routes back to your
/ The Bandits should be only an option, because some people wouldn’t like bandits on PVP
This is the second part of this post. It is about friendly NPCs. I will call them Survivors. I don’t know if someone already said or suggested something about this but I am going to say it anyway:
/ Survivors would loot locations in groups of 2 or alone. They will not have bases but just wonder
from location to location.
/ Their relationship towards you will depend on your reputation. if you have rep between -25 and
50, they will not bother you in any way neither they will accept your help.
/ If you have a reputation less than -25 they will shoot you, but if you have a high rep from doing
quests and trading with NPCs, you could hire them or ask them to join you. When they do join
you, there should be a few commands for the Player to order to the Survivors: follow, guard (stay
still and have a gun out for bandits and zombies), stay (don’t move), roam (they will walk in a set
radius) and heal (heal you, themselves or an another Survivor).
/ This benefit comes at a cost: you need to manage their hunger, thirst, immunity, health, basically
they depend on you. If you set them a specific bed, which is harder to craft because of balancing
issues, they can respawn after they die in a scavanging run.
/ The Survivors could also have a smaller skill tree. The more you use them in combat and
scavenging it increases that stat. You could also set their position, like if you build a tower, you
can command them to climb up there and guard with a sniper.
And also remember I don’t know how much coding this is, and if it even gets added the features will be buggy if not done correctly. I don’t know if Nelson will see this or even add it but I only thought that it would be cool to add some of those things that I mentioned. Thanks for reading!


I dunno about this, never seen this mechanic anywhere. Lot’s of AI work will be needed as well as unique or new pathfinding. Sounds really complicated and without a doubt it is. It would be cool if implemented, but I don’t think Nelson will add this on his own by the release. Just because we have such mechanics in singleplayer games, doesn’t mean it could be implemented in multiplayer. Not to offend you, but sounds really complicated, and not for 1 man team. On other hand, if Nelson manages to do that, this game would have a big potential to be one of the best survival games ever.

Would be neat if there was factions so that depending on what one your in will determine what kinds of people come after you and what gear they have, possibly an option to join bandits to gain special loot and other things. This could also make some survivors enemies.

I do not feel offended, but I said at the end of the post that i don’t know how complicated this is and how much coding it will take. If he manages to get it working the game will be 5 times better. BTW I got this idea from Fallout, it’s not exactly the same but it is similiar.

That would be cool, also if you could be a double agent or something. That would be a high risk high reward situation. Of course, you would have to be really careful trying to achieve that.

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