Bandits, Civilians and Difficulties


Bandits should be able to do many things the player would be able to do, this could be the simple idea of building settlements to the idea of making, repairing and or stealing vehicles to use them to their advantage. Bandits should be able to move in a group and loot areas and do critical things to be able to survive such as sleep, eat and drink. For example;
A group of bandits decide to set camp in a treeline. Some of the bandits go to sleep and the rest take guard.
This would give the player an advantage as they could infiltrate at this time, take out the guards loot the area and then later attack the ones resting.
Bandits are supposed to act like humans and not robots.


Civilians should be implemented as friendly and hostiles, the chances of them being hostile and or friendly depending on your armament. You should be able to team up with the civilians upon gaining their trust. Gaining their trust wouldn’t be easy. You would have to trade, loot and or help them out. Civilians will also need to eat drink and sleep like i suggested with the bandits. The civilians would be able to betray you upon joining your team but this would only be possible in the higher difficulties as we continue down below.


In my opinion there should be 6 difficulties:

Easy - An easier mode meant for new players new to the Unturned game serie. (Arcade)
Normal - Also meant for newer players that have spent a few hours on the game.
Advanced - Meant for older and newer players that want it to still be easy but a little hard.
Hard - Just a hard difficulty.
Extreme - Very hard.
Overkill - Basically a death sentence- It’s blood moon most of the time and the bandits are extremely

  • hostile and can literally use overpowered weapons such as rockets, attack boats and planes. The bandits would regularly raid your base and would easily be able to kill you.

The idea of bandits and civilians is good, but it’s hard to code AI into the game, especially with civilians, they need to

  1. Attempt to protect you from zombies
  2. Loot, with the option of either attracting zombies (less time taken) or not (more time taken)
  3. Pathfinding. U3 zombie pathfinding is broken, and U4 pathfinding is promising. With official maps theres no problem pathfinding, because the AI has learned where everything is, but with modded maps theres a problem, because people can do all sorts of things that confuse the AI and make them pathfind like U3 zombies

And the idea of bandits setting camp anywhere is bad, since new players need to wipe out a entire group of armed people, so that they can build a base where they wanted.
Maybe have the bandits slowly build up a camp (only building when it’s night) to warn other players that theres going to be enemies there.


Thank you for posting this. About the last paragraph, it’s what i meant but i failed to show it in the post.

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Bandit bases and camps would greatly increase immersiveness, and I’d love to be able to raid a small camp area for resources, ammunition and other stuff. Bases ofc will have more guards and higher-level (or tier) bandit NPCs, being harder to raid but being more rewarding than a couple of tents around a campfire, per se.

I absolutely love this. A bandit and rogue AI system that acts like a player character would not only make the game way more fun in PvE, but would increase action in PvP servers.
I’m getting a sort of Detroit: Become Human vibe from this, and I’d love to see the NPC AIs come up with interesting things to do while controlling the bandits and other NPCs.
Sleeping, on the other hand, sounds very neat. I mean yes, it’s not required, but I’d like to see it implemented as either a mod or a setting. As long as it makes AIs more interesting and better, It’s cool.

Now THIS is a step up from the normal boring NPCs we have in U3. They move around, interact with the surroundings like normal players, and require sustenance, energy and other necessaries like players. The biggest, most important section of all this is:

They are like players.

Yes there will be bugs and Yes it might be hard to make at first but YES this will be amazing if it’s actually implemented.
I want to see a sort of Fallout-ish companion system, where you can have a follower who assists you in battle or just stays with you, but possibly shifting the entire thing into the party system.
Basically, the normal U3 Group system but you can invite NPCs. They’ll accept or turn you down depending on Reputation, differing with other factions ofc, and once they do accept they’ll become a follower.
The part about Civ NPCs betraying you sounds very paranoia-inducing, and should probably change a bit.
For example:

  1. It’s a setting for servers, can be toggled and can be set in a difficulty (ex. can happen at a lower difficulty)
  2. If NPCs have been loyal to the group for a very long time, they will not desert or betray you no matter the circumstances (unless you gain a Villain rep or vice versa for other faction NPCs)

Instead of set difficulties, why not add them as sliders or toggle settings? This way compromises between difficulties can be made, and there’s also difficulty presets such as the ones you mentioned.

Incredible first contributions, by the way.
I’d like to speak on the behalf of all Regulars and say that we need more people like you.

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This is more complex than most Triple-A games, nearly impossible to implement.
It makes no sense- is extremely broad and would be unreasonable to try and make- if not impossible.
Plain dreamer’s nonsense that feels like it’s from someone with no idea on Game Design or coding.

A simplified version that would still be tough but slightly reasonable-
Bandits could drive vehicles to attack players from (Idea; dismount if the player is a certain distance away from a road or behind a object outside of the road.) They would not stand repairing or stealing vehicles.
Bandits would have camps that can spawn in random areas a certain distance from regions and cities off-screen (NOT BUILD, THAT’D BE STUPID AND HELLISH TO CODE).
Bandits in camps would have idle animations when not alerted by a noise (these idle animations would be eating a can of beans for 10 years or just sleeping.) They could be alerted by noise or gunshots.

Civilians are random neutral NPC’s, meaning that they will attack enemies nearby and be hostile if shot or murderlized, but they are mostly docile. Some Civilian NPC’s can be talked to (Like in U3) and trade and do quests for. Betrayal would be useless- annoying and be some Shadow of War if you were 3 shotted with bullets in a gunfight without op abilities or being athletic. And I don’t think U4’s facial animations can convey as much emotion+speech the same way that games like Shadow of War could with Uruk Betrayals.

As for the higher difficulties? I think the old U3 ones suffice.
I side with my faction idea and the idea of forced yet mostly organic growth. This seems like a poor idea that doesn’t seem that well developed or well-thought out.

Something funny about this is that i actually thought about NPCS alot as if they were from detroit human and thats how i basically got this idea!

Detroit: Become Human was a Triple A game made by a massive studio with a downright insane production value and budget, as well as a large amount of people with company equipment, as WELL AS NOT BEING AN OPEN WORLD SURVIVAL GAME WITH CUBOIDAL CREATURES ROAMING LOW POLY SEATTLE…

Fun Ideas:
Killing neutral NPC’s= -REP
Killing Bandits= +REP

mate. do you understand what the word suggestion means?

this is just simply a list of ideas ive had of how awesome unturned could be someday, not right now.

But keep it reasonable and realistic- not insane and just random dreamer talk.

if that is what you think, sure.

yknow isnt breaking the barriers the entire concept of fantasy, to have something fictional that would probably never happen etc. i stated that this all was just what i could think could happen somebody and probably never will and now you are saying “dreamer talk” thats exactly the point bud, you made a fool of yourself

Dreamer talk as in terms of game design, mate…

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Ah, alright.

Optimistic, just because he said he thought about DBH doesnt mean he wants the game to BE like DBH.

Oh yeah, by the way, DBH really wouldn’t need much AI other than the freeroam places where they move around. It’s mostly just pre-animated events.

Just a random thought there ^

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how do you propose Nelson does this by himself? This is highly complex AI, things that huge studios can’t do. I think focusing on npc AI this complex would be a waste of time and near impossible to actually do.

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True, but… it’s just what i think could maybe happen sometime in the future.

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