Banned from unturned official for spam

I responded to people with only 1 message and it was considered spam

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No ban appeals should be posted through #unturned:u3-support, which is for bug reports and troubleshooting. I’ve moved your post to #meta:miscellaneous.

To clarify since it’s been a couple weeks: are you referring to the multi-person message spam, where several server members hopped into VC and coordinated spamming the server? In which case, you had personally contributed more than 1 message. Overall, I believe the coordinated spam hit ~50 messages before people starting being banned for it, and had started to include messages such as “this is racist” when other server members asked the participating members to stop spamming.

I’ve forwarded your appeal to the staff team, but I’m fairly certain that they’ve already rejected a similar appeal from someone else who had contributed to the same event.

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Going to have to agree with Molt here. Plus one of your friends already asked and got told no, wouldn’t really make sense to change that verdict n your case.

Unturned news network wasn’t in the vc and he got banned too


Free Unturned News Network

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Unturned Antics :skull:.

Closed due to rejected appeal.