Banned on the Official Unturned server in discord by mistake ( Help - Mistake Ban i think )

Okay, so I was writing in the discord server, when I finished writing I wanted to send a gif, so I sent one of the gifs that I have in favorites, specifically it was of a cooked chicken that walked. It turns out that a few hours later a bot called “Carl-Bot” sent me a message telling me that I had been banned from the unturned server because I sent a gif that contained thousands of times the n word, then I sent the gif to a chat room and recorded it in slow motion, and I was able to confirm that the gif for some reason, has a thousand times the n word, but the gif itself, when viewed, is just a chicken walking. So… in the end I have been banned for sending a gif that is not offensive but nevertheless, without even knowing it, its link contained the word n. So that’s it? I can’t get back into the unturned server by a mistake i didnt even know i did? I would appreciate the help of a moderator who can do something.

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I looked through what’s going on and it’s sorta difficult to judge whether your case can be appealed or not since the offending material is an incredibly long link containing an unusual amount of N words, as if they were added manually.

My confusion was due to this:

Also, by favourites do you mean it was saved in your hard drive or was it found in an external source which you bookmarked/favourited?


don’t unban him. from experience, we used gifs like that to raid servers and subtly fuck with people

If I were an admin I’ll unban you

Hello Yarrr, Thanks for responding to my case, by favorites I mean that in discord you can save favorite gifs to send them with a click, you haven’t saved it in my computer. Besides, I really speak Spanish, it would not have any purpose for me to write those n words, I am not any kind of racist in any sense, I recognize that I can get stressed and such, but I would never be racist. Please, all I wanted to do was send my message and send a cool walking chicken, I hope something can be done about it. u.u

From experience? Raid servers? What are you talking about my friend, I just wanted to send a message and then send a cool walking chicken. Why would I want to raid my favorite game server? It doesn’t make sense :'c please that was never my intention at any time. I’m not a racist and I would never attack a person in such a lowly way.

Very subtle when it’s literally half a page of n-bombs.
Adrian, you are not getting unbanned. You don’t just “accidentally” send a gif with a comment.

I am sure we all have some random gif of a walking chicken favorited that just happens to have twenty-ish n-bombs attached for no apparent reason. The chances of that are incredibly slim.


Hey please, I don’t have any purpose to send that in an offensive way, I just sent the gif, I couldn’t even see the link myself, I just clicked on the image of the chicken and sent it, but I didn’t write the link myself, please, do you really think someone would write that word so many times? I’m not a racist and I don’t have any history of anything like that ;; please try to understand me, I didn’t even know the link contained that! The gif itself has nothing offensive, the problem is that link! and when I sent it I didn’t write the link, I just clicked on the chicken gif! u.u Please, I don’t want to be banned from my favorite game server for something I didn’t even do intentionally. If at any time I had offended, attacked or bothered someone, I understand that I would deserve it. But here it really wasn’t my fault ;; I didn’t know. Please!


Still a random gif, with a surprise n-bomb, in an unrelated channel.
Sorry that is just one too many coincidences. As far as I am concerned you stay banned.


Oh please! I didn’t write those words, I just clicked on the chicken gif but I didn’t write each word individually, please! I have never been a racist or shown any kind of violence or harm to others. I had no idea that the gif contained an “n bomb” u.u. I just clicked on that stupid chicken. Ahh I can’t believe I’m actually being banned from my favorite game server for sending a stupid chicken. I had no idea about the content of the link.

Hi! First of all thank you for lending something of your interest to this case.
I wanted to clarify that when I sent the gif, I did not see the link in any way, I just clicked on the image of the chicken and the gif was sent, however I did not send the link for the gif to appear, since obviously if I see so many words n, there is no way I would send that gif! I’m not a racist and I don’t like to offend others. Besides, when I send the gif, anyone who sees it will only see the chicken, just like me. In order to see the link you would have to open it in a tab, which I didn’t do, so I didn’t know that the link contained those horrible words. Please! I would never do anything like that, especially not on my favorite game’s official server! You have seen me comment on many occasions throughout this year and I have never had a racist or offensive sharing.
I hope you can understand what I am saying and maybe at some point I can be banned, because I understand that if I offend, attack, or am racist, I could be banned fairly, but on this occasion I really didn’t have any negative intentions, all I did in the chat was talk to someone, and when I finished writing I sent a chicken, nothing else, at no time did I send the word n* or anything like u_u . Thank you.

( This was a DM i sent to u )

The one you had somehow saved. A random roasted chicken gif, that just happened to have a comment, which just happened to be the n word, twenty times.

On a side note, what is Rin Kaenbyou dancing doing in your saved gifs?

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I usually save gifs that I find funny or for different occasions, like wsp stickers, I just had that chicken saved and had no idea that the link it contains has those words written on it. I want to make this clear, I didn’t write those words, I just sent the chicken clicking on the gif, but I didn’t write the word n* a thousand times because I’m simply not a racist, and because in the context of the conversation, I didn’t mean to hurt or bother anyone.

As I said a few seconds ago, I just keep gifs that I find funny, I don’t even know the character you’re talking about. Please, there’s really nothing you can do about it? I don’t want to bother anyone, especially not on my favorite game server! I’ve been following the progress of this game for years! I don’t have any reason to do something like that. u.u

I sent one part of my text in spanish im sorry! i didnt translate it.

Did u read my response? ;; Actually, i wanted to add that this:

Its not like that, i mean, its true that is a random gif but, there is no comment with n word. Actually the gif on a chat or a server looks like this.

The gif itself its not ofensive, the only ofensive thing is the link.
So if u click on the gif and u press this button “open original”

U would get those n words, i hope now u can see that i didnt write them ;; im not racist and definetly that kind of person, please! i want justice! i dont feel this is fair! i understand that if someone is agresive, toxic and racist on purpouse, he deserved to be banned, but what i did was not even on my knowledge, i didnt even know about the content of the link!
Please dont leave my case! I want to be on the server, i have to be part of Unturned 2! u.u

that’s why I said it was subtle. you can only see it for a brief moment first before the gif loads, then only if you open it in browser to see it’s name

There is

I am well aware it isn’t visible in the gif itself

Again I just can’t buy you accidentally saving a gif like that.

Ok, so I’ll tell you why I have this gif in my favorites, I’m 17 years old and I study digital animation, I’m in a discordant group with my other classmates, and they all put thousands of memes, sickers, gifs, and so on, I don’t usually interact much outside of class but, sometimes when I see funny gifs I give them to the little star to keep them.

(In this image u can see that there are some gifs, so i usually take them to fav)

That’s why I have it saved and I understand that from your perspective it’s very stupidly impossible that just me, sent one gif out of the thousands and that just this one contains that offensive message, however that’s really what happened , there’s no way you can see my message history? I am not aggressive or racist, I have never attacked anyone in such a low manner. And if after telling you absolutely everything you still believe I did it on purpose then what can I do? Is there any other authority that can help me? u.u I just want to be part of this server. I’ve learned the lesson and deleted that damn gif from my favorites, I even sent a message to my university server telling them that the gif has that message and that they can ban it if they send it to another server, so nobody else will be affected by it! ;;

Nothing basically

Tyler technically