Barricade objects don't appear

When I place barbedwire in map editor and then load my map I can`t find it (objects from different categories e.g. Large objects are displayed correctly)

Please help :frowning:

Placing barricades in the editor isn’t a good idea. If salvaged in game they will not appear until the world/server is reset. I’d recommend against using them in favor of regular (small, medium, large) objects. If you’re looking for a replacement for the barbed wire fence, Fence Metal #2 (I believe) works as a good replacement for it since they share the same frame.


Thank you for fast reply!
But I’m still interested why that type of objects don’t work :confused:

They do work but the issue with them is exactly what he said here:


you must reset your world for them to appear.

^keep in mind that they can only be salvaged on singleplayer on on a server by admins [that last part might not be true, i think it is though i remember smth being written about that somewhere]


Thank you, it worked!

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