Base building is shit and need to be improved

TL;DR - raid equipment is extremely easy to obtain when playning in a zerg clan, building a normal base is extreme time consuming AND base building consumes more resources and time than base raiding in a normal gameplay.

0. Bases are not vital for survival gameplay
And this literally limits all gameplay to battle royale with respawn -and hookers- . Have to store equipment somewhere? Just give it to another your charaсter. Really got to build a mini farm/storage? Just get a boat and bring it into safe zone so nobody can touch it.

1. Raid equipment is easy to obtain, offline raids are ez pz since static defences dont do shit
no really, all static defences are designed to be used against idiots who dont see them or just against naked bums because a spike line dont stop their lust for loot

Turrets cost a lot and can be easily avoided or just outranged when raiding

2. Base building is time insufficient
Unlike the rust base building where is amount of resources and time put into your base matters a lot and raider have to bring proportional amount of explosives, in unturned it takes a hour to acquire a horde beacon and clear it for good raid equipment enough to raid a 10-hours metal base located underwater. Building a sky base requires A LOT of time and can be raided easily via chopper

3. There are no top-tier base parts, and brick/maple/pine base parts unused
Otherwise without armored parts “shielding” a base with a lot of unused rooms filled with barricades is a normal thing.

4. The easiest way to build a base is to bring a watercraft into a safe zone
Best meta currently. No joke but always works.

5. There also no endgame base things.
Its all limited to crops and fuel. Why we have a oxygenerator but cannot have a base shop? Or a -weed- hemp plantations for unlimted cloth. Or a mining machine that gives metal.

#0 (?) no longer applies, if you leave a vehicle in a safezone it unlocks after a set time, usually one IRL day. Also most people build bases, that’s not the issue here. I’d like to add that most official maps do not have a safezone.

#1 is a real and serious issue, and horde beacons really badly need balancing. Also LMG raiding is ridiculous right now, where a single box can down like 5 walls. Traps are pretty weak.

#2 is also valid, because building a base takes so annoyingly long even with all the necessary supplies. It’s just bad design, but hopefully we can see a fix in the future. Also don’t use skybases as an example, they’re technically cheating.

#3 is untrue - wooden bases are used most of the time. Especially pine, being the strongest wood.

#4: this meta you’re describing really doesn’t exist. I don’t know what kind of servers you play on.

#5 is rather vague. Endgame is not distinctly defined in a sandbox game like Unturned.

I don’t remember being able to get charges and detonators from beacons.

Sure, that’ll be nice, but you have to consider the realm of reality. In order to get metal out, you’re going to have to put something in there. If it was a recycler, and certain items require that to be scrapped, then I agree.

actually you dont have to bring charges for that, a machinegun is enough to melt a entire base

havent tested this after a big pause but it actually worked judging by fact that mobody managed to stole my quad with crates on russia, gonna test this after on overpopulated server

Is this guy playing on foreplay servers? (KingFrog knows what I’m talking about :wink: )

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You’re a couple years too late to be bringing this topic up. It’s kinda a given that base raiding isn’t balanced, and Nelson is definitely planning on improving it for 4.0.

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as Nelson said he is going to improve both 3.0 and 4.0 at same time, i just hope that he will not repeat 3.0 mistakes

The issue though, is that this is categorized as a Unturned 3.0 post, meaning that @Leviathan here was talking about fixing base building in 3.0. In 4.0 it will for sure be far better but it would appear that is out of his concern.


The only way to protect a base is either 24/7 or make sentries.

Unfortunately, making sentries is extremely expensive and hard to obtain (except in russia. killing about 200 civilian zombies.)

And also the fact that you need to constantsively refueling the base over and over again.

I just cut down some trees. Place sone lockers, and maybe make a hidden marker to say that you hide something here.

Don’t hate on me for this, but I think horde beacons definitely should be removed from 3.0. They aren’t too hard to make, and not hard to complete. Dragonfangs and other raiding weapons should only come from airdrops. That probably won’t happen, though.

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You bring up a lot of good issues.
I hope that we can work towards a better building system in #unturned-4

wasn’t there a tweak to where vehicles unlock after being in a safezone for a certain amount of time

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You can try scrolling up before commenting./s

In all seriousness, yes GHJ is correct.

whoops, my bad