Basic Ideas for Unturned II

Some ideas me and my discord and other members of the community came up with

Genestic in my discord - Suicide button should actually show you killing yourself instead of falling over
ronaldobrine in my discord - Weapon jamming
Sakura in my discord - new tools that are actually useful and new foods etc.
SVG in the forum - mechanics are the ones who can upgrade vehicles

Some of my ideas

Snow tires (chains around the tire) - for winter season so you don’t skid everywhere
Off-road tires - climb surfaces easier and go faster off-road than you would with normal road tires
Road tires - Skid around much more off-road but faster than people with off-road tires when on paved road
Reinforced wood walls - and actual use for Planks is make walls out of planks instead of logs, but still make logged walls just have it obvious that it is logs etc

Same goes with the Skillsets you can choose for your character

Civilian - you would just be a normal person with no additions “more hardcore and gives less advantages”
Fire Fighter - you can put out fires easier and climb things faster etc
Police Officer - you have more accurate shooting and more in-shape when you first start out
Spec Ops - more stable when zoomed in with a scope, binoculars, etc and you have more strength
Farmer - animals like cows and pigs etc will like you and be less hesitant to run away from you and you can mass produce a lot more food and less chance of losing crops when in other seasons
Fisher - catch fish faster than every other skillset and gut and cook fish better
Lumberjack - have warmer-blood so you don’t freeze to death and cut down trees faster
Worker - build things a lot faster and make more advanced building things
Chef - cook things faster and less chance of burning or under-cooking the food
Thief - more sneak and less visible for a short amount of time when sneak level is all the way up and standing 100% still and wearing full thief clothes and climb things a lot faster for example Halo flood mode where if you’re the flood you can turn invisible for a certain amount of time if completely still
Doctor - more immune to disease and knows more about medication than anyone else

Say some more ideas in the comments :smiley:


To be honest I’ve never seen the point of the Civilian skillset

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basically if you dont want any advantages when you start -ish


Same I always use the Spec Ops skillset

There needs to be an incentive for this otherwise nobody will pick this skillset other than for memes because it has no benefit whatsoever.

What makes animals like farmers more? Do farmers rear deer or something? I feel this can only apply to domesticated animals.

Literally the most generic skillset name ever made.

That feels like an unfair advantage. Why would wearing black clothes and having this skillset make you less visible? Do you have Sneak 100 or something?

Sneak 100 yesir

That is the point of the civilian skillset. Some people like playing in a more “hardcore” way than having super easy shooting, or loads of inventory space from the beggining.


With the thief like at night time if you were wearing every thief item you would be partially less visible if standint 100% still

Made some of the stuff more specific

I think that this would make the game 18+

How would this work? Will a player be invisible until game decides that you can see him?

Creative Idea’s, definitely would be cool if Nelson added some of them or maybe all of them to the game. This would change many parts of gameplay as in survival which is really good because the current state of survival in unturned 3.0 is terrible.

Quick response

This has been talked about alot before, I dont really see the point, would just force an age restriction (which probably wouldnt stop kids but maybe if they have strict parents or something) and wouldnt add much gameplay

Only if there is an actual reason, i.e incredibly low durability guns, if so I agree

Very specific nice one lol, I agree though

All of your misc ideas are neat

Looking at these, thief would be meta, also I really dont think skillsets are needed and it would be far easier to just implement a good skill system. Also this would probably punish solos, as they can only pick one.

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True actually showing the suicide would make it like 13+ or something and less visible is like how Halo did it in the zombie game mode where if you stood still for a certain amount of time you’d be partially invisible but players can still see you if they look close enough

Thanks for the feedback and yea that’s why I changed the thief one to be more specific where you have to be full level sneak and wearing all the thief clothes etc

Personally I don’t like the idea of “specialized” skillsets unless they also have negative banes towards using it. That way, it prevents one type of skillset becoming the meta, and also makes Civilian a viable option. At the same time, though, a lot of work would have to go into making sure all of the skillsets are balanced and none of them are too overpowered or underpowered, and honestly that seems like a lot of work that would probably end up being a toggle-able server option anyway. Personally, I don’t think there should be any “specialized” skillsets, and rather the player themselves needs to put their foot forward on the path they wish to train towards skill-wise.

Most of your other ideas seem to be discussed a lot/confirmed, but they’re solid nonetheless.


I could see this being an interesting mechanic, but it would probably get pretty annoying after the first few times and wouldn’t contribute much to gameplay

We definitely need some more tools and foods, and I’m sure II will have more

I think that new tires would definitely be a good addition for the new vehicle mechanics

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I never liked the skillset system in 3.0. It made little sense and was generally a counterintuitive mechanic that people just exploited.

As you may know, that’s actually one of the things that led me to make the Skill System Overhaul, which doesn’t rely on the use of skillsets whatsoever.


My idea for a survival in II would be resources, espeically 1 item: Coal
In 3, the only way to cook food (and any other items like Weak Glasses), is by having a campfire and cooking skills (1 - 3).
And that’s it. It’s pretty much the only way to use Campfire correctly.
To be more like a survival experience, maybe we could make cooking a slightly, tiny bit harder.
So I kinda came up with Coal as a useful resource for II/4.0. And to find coal, you can perhaps find them at a Junkyard, or mining them with a Pickaxe in the mountains.

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