Basically every quest in the game in the most understandable 4-slots comic form


da fug :point_left: :joy: :+1:

that last panel got me lol

Now fetch me some



10/10 :ok_hand:

I’d like to point out that Sydney is not actually the captain of the fleet, just the captain of the carrier, which is most likely the flagship of the fleet.

Pictured; Captain Sydney eating her beans.


but she mentioned that she is a Captain, and there is an Admiral rank (captain of a fleet) which is above her (when you ask “What ranks are there?”) It would make sense that the admiral is captain of the flagship (like in real life fleets) and so we can assume the Liberator is not the flagship of the fleet.

how much sass does Sydney have.

Enough sass to beat yo ass

Hah, Im not funny

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