Battleye blocking my Browser?


well thats funky

You brought this upon yourself by using a shady discount government secure browser because you can’t use Google Chrome like a normal person because you’re too paranoid of Google collecting your search history and selling it to my distant cousins in Tencent.


Brave browser is made with chromium…

Which is the same foundation as chrome? lol

If I was paranoid of Google I wouldn’t be using Google products like Google search engine and I’d be using DuckDuckGo or some crap.

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I honestly don’t see why you’re even bothering.

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I’m not using Brave much for being anonymous or stopping tracking. It has a built in adblock, is about as fast as Google Canary (which is faster Chrome) and is just generally good to use.

Its Google Chrome, just with more.

I would suggest using a more direct forum or contact page for support. Either the Brave community forum, or the BattlEye contact page (as user support).


Thats a big oof on a stick

He does not use a hombre browser
Neve rgonna make it chief.
In all honessty Brave is a decent alternative. It’s far from the be all end all it claims to be but it’s “good enough” to me

Opera actually the best browser

Pfff… everyone knows that Internet Explorer is the best browser

Microsoft edge gang :sunglasses:

Reminds me of a comic.

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