I’d like to use a bayonet as a melee wepon.
Because a bayonet is a knife.

makeshift bayonet is also good.

There is one already,if I remember correctly,you can get it from a quest from an NPC in Russia.

Yes, there is a Bayonet, it is a reward for doing a quest for an NPC, you attach it onto a gun, and now you got a Meele weapon on the end of your gun binded to Z (Maybe I think?).

no hes saying the ability to use it without putting it on a gun.

kinda pointless, but yeah sure why not.

Some bayonets are knives or swords, but the makeshift bayonet obviously isn’t.

Last time I checked, regular melee weapons were easier to obtain than a Bayonet. This suggestion is a waste of time and code in every way possible.


Unfortunately, Sirba isn’t wrong. Making it a melee weapon requires a new mechanic to be added, just for that one item, and that mechanic likely wouldn’t be utilized all too much by mods either.

Aside from that, I don’t see a reason why games shouldn’t let you take pointy objects and freely poke things with them. :man_shrugging: