Bed respawning?

Do you guys think Nelson should add bed respawning?

I personally think it’s un-immersive and annoying when you raid a base and have to kill everyone repeatedly until you find their beds.

Especially if they have spare armour/weapons that they can grab when they respawn.

There is already a 30 seconds timer.

Yeah it doesn’t really help against a group, they can hold you off for 30 seconds while there friend respawns.

Also big elaborate bases with well hidden beds.

Well, bedrolls would serve no purpose otherwise. I do think there needs to be a major increase to the time it takes to respawn at a bed, but honestly, base raiding is so stupidly easy in 3.0 that I don’t know if it’s even worth it.

I think people suggested that beds be used to heal/restore energy at a faster rate, also there are decorative purposes.

Could still use them, after all a world without beds would be pretty wierd I agree.

Not particularly useful, but they still could do something atleast.

My opinion the initial question aside, I do want to bring up some things people should consider:

  • A lack of bedrolls/cots forces players to acknowledge risk and loss more often than they do in Unturned 3.

  • A lack of bedrolls does nerf the usefulness of bases.

  • Without the ability to respawn in bases, people will camp spawn points instead.

I’m going to further expand on the third bullet point.

Spawn point camping can be several different things.

  • Most players may end up basing at spawn, including end-game players. This would make it easy for them to respawn near their base, or at least get back to it (without travelling through end-game areas).

  • Players will camp areas overlooking spawn points more often, as early-game (low-tier) areas become frequented more often.

  • If most of the server’s bases are at spawn points, then spawn points would have the highest risk/threat level on the map, despite the lackluster loot.

Of course, maybe none of the negatives listed would happen, or maybe none of the upsides would happen, but bedrolls do impact the game quite a lot by being a respawn point. It is definitely something notable for Nelson to consider when laying out the foundation for base building systems.

It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but the respawn timer could just be rebalanced based on player combat proximity to the bedroll.


Have you ever stopped to think that this mechanic is good? The unturned 4.0 is focused on survival and not on pvp, the respaw in the beds should continue.

The timer on bed respawns is way too short. Should definitely be upped to 2 minutes. Because right now people can keep flooding out of their base like an endless tide of zombies until you fuck off from their base.

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