Been banned from the Unturned Official discord server for 3 days, can't rejoin

I was banned this Sunday, And i can’t join :grimacing:

welcome to the community


hi, thanks

Isn’t that the point of being banned ? Not being able to join back.

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That’s the point of a Perma ban, i got temp ban

You were muted for 7 days on april 10th, three days to go.

But by checking the amount of times you have been warned, muted and kicked it woulnd’t be an unfair treatment to get perma.

That still doesn’t make any sense, It never said i got banned permanently, It said i got banned for 3 days?

It says the bot unbanned you in the audit log. I don’t know what may have happened, but I will try to unban you now.

Could you double check if you are still banned? The bot says that you shouldn’t be banned when I try to unban you.
Edit: Checked the ban list and you don’t appear in there. Try to join through this invite link: