Beginning players (noobs)

I know that this has been talked about plenty of times but I just wanted to share my opinion, sorry :slight_smile:

In U3 noobs just get reckt by better or more established players. I think this is one of the main reasons there are less servers in U3 that are really hard and more servers with 4x loot. Because 4x loot makes it easier for noobs to find a gun and be able to defend themselves against the “pro’s”. For U2 to grow and become really popular there needs to be a really good way for new players to start out and learn the game. This way they themselves can become better players and avoid getting killed by “pro’s” so many times. I think this can be done by doing the following things:

  • Make the tutorial in two or more parts. The first part is a mandatory tutorial for all new players that join the game. It goes over the basic mechanics like walking, managing inventory, building and fighting. The second part would be more in depth. It would teach more advanced hotkeys like how to hotkey items from your inventory, how to snipe, which zombies there are and what their weaknesses are, how to design a proper base and many more things.
    I think I’ve gotten quite good at the game. But many of the things I do now are things that I’ve learned from other or that I found out about by accident. For instance alot of players don’t know about hotkeys or how claimflags work.

*Players should be properly encouraged to start out in singleplayer worlds. Maybe they can earn something like more inventory space in multiplayer after they played for two hours in singleplayer. This may seem strange, but by letting players learn how to play the game before they get killed by other players, they should be less likely to ragequit the game.

*Maybe beginning players should have an option to queue for duo play. Just like how games like PUBG feature solo, duo and squad games. With this duo play option the player would be teamed up with a random player that has about the same hours or skill level. With this option players can team up early on and help each other get through the first hours of unturned multiplayer which can be quite hard for alot of players.

That’s it. Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad english and long sentences😉


Yes. I absolutely agree with this - it would be very nice to have the basic tutorial, and then additional, optional tutorials for advanced mechanics. Tutorials should also properly lay the groundwork and guide the player towards future learning outside of tutorials.

This just seems like an incredibly bizarre way to provide an incentive to play in SP. I personally don’t even think there should need to be an incentive, since Unturned has always been designed to be played with others.

This also seems a bit weird in implementation, since UII isn’t remotely close to the gameplay of a BR game (and there’s lots of room for abuse/griefing with this system). A coaching system of some sort like what TF2 used to have (where experienced players could sign up to become a coach and randomly get paired with a new player to act as guidance), would actually be really cool though. It could have unique rewards of its own, and this coaching system might be well suited to using the ingame group mechanic as well.


I know it seems weird, but alot of new (noob) players start out on their own. I think making it easier for these players to make a team would let them help each other and get through the struggle together. It’s just an idea though

A sort of duo mode would make sense for horde and arena modes but it may struggle if most people prefer using the server browser.


What if we had something similar to today’s matchmaking system but it would find servers that primarily consist of people with similar hours? Of course it wouldn’t be perfect, but if it were optional it could be a pretty decent alternative to the duos thing you proposed.

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Find single players in your area today


well, a sort of team arena mode would be cool. I’d play that honestly

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Yes to the tutorial, it should be better.

The rest…

No, definitely no, this is a really unecessery.

This wouldn’t work on a survival game, I don’t want to get paired with a vegi that has played for for a similar time, and be stuck with them the whole game.

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Yes completely agree with the above

I agree with this as well however,

No, for a start this would be annoying, however also it is kind of counter intuitive. New players who do not play singleplayer for two ours would be at an even greater disadvantage, also keeping a new player stuck in singleplayer is probably going to make them uninstall, i know that if i couldn’t play with my friends properly within my first 15 minutes of playing, i would have never gotten into this game… and unfortunately would have been better off

i actually really like this, however i don’t really know how this would work for survival, like it would be pretty bad to work for some gear with someone only to have them log off with a lot of your gear, or something

I agree with this. Although I think that playing in singleplayer by itself is much more satisfying to learn from. I think that learning this stuff by yourself makes you remember it for longer.

I don’t think that rewarding players for playing in singleplayer is neccesary. Moreover, if there was a reward of such kind, then the new players would probably be more after the reward than playing and actually learning how to survive.
When I was introduced to the game, I first watched some videos about it. Seeing the way that players act on servers scared me away from starting in multiplayer, so instead I just went to learn in Singleplayer. I decided to stick to playing singleplayer, until I decided that I have learned (basic surviving, melee/gun combat, sharpshooting, base building, map locations, etc.) enough. Then I went to practice PVP on arenas. Worked like a charm. I think that this is the optimal way of learning how to play the game fairly quickly.

I am not sure about this. If the person you meet is a comple stranger, then they know that there would be no consequences for griefring/trolling/stealing, so they may not really care about playing well if you aren’t their friend. Which would basically repell new players to even play. I think that friendly veterans should be coaching the newer players, in a way that they would encourage them to play. But still, nothing beats learning the game on your own.

This is true for every game.

I don’t think players should be rewarded multiplayer enhancements for playing in a singleplayer world. Learning how to play should be within the tutorial.

Duo play does sound interesting.


I Don’t agree with this idea because learning things in the actual game is way more fun and satisfying and it actually creates a good learning Curve, however I agree that there should be a better tutorial for basic/Important to know Mechanics

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