Being able to holster an item on a belt

Holstering an item on a belt would be nice (like a utility belt)

Already into the game, check the Devlogs uploaded by Nelson.

Oh yeah I forgot also how about if you die from infection a reincarnated zombie form of you with all your gear would spawn like you got turned it’ll add some cool effect to it seeing a player zombified walking around (plus it would kinda be cool and traumatizing to see your former zombie self)

It’s been discussed a fair amount of times, but hasn’t been confirmed to be coming in Utnurned II. it may be considered, but not confirmed, but some people liked that idea, so there’s a chance for it to happen. No More Room In Hell had this mechanic, where if you died while being infected, your character becomes a zombie that’s faster and has more health and does more damage.

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