Belgium Trailer

Man I can’t wait to Belgium EBR.


Belgium is on western Europe


did you have to use an orbital pan on every shot?

Will this map use the Orel and other weapons from Ireland?
Because it is a Belgian weapon

orel has been removed from the game, they can’t.


Son of a *****. Not you but I thought it was.

you can say bitch on here dude, this isn’t the unturned discord

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no he said son of a motha lol

smh have you even been on UO in the past month

oh BTW, incase anyone was wondering what the song is, i found it

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Posted on the reddit because I yelled at Paladin

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no, why would i want to when the forum discord is now a thing

you really shouldn’t talk about things that you know nothing about


Well but you are Washington and Russia combined I see.

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