Bendy vs Blocky Character Debate

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Would a blockier character fit Unturned? What do you think?

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I think the post pretty clearly showcases every advantage blocky characters would bring, I don’t think any amount of staying true to the ‘classic’ is worth it if it can be better.

Personally I’m sold on it from the moment dismemberment was mentioned.


I’m used to a character model more like what we already have.

Better or at least more “realistic” animations would definitely be nice but the feet here make me think a bit too much of some of the Roblox player models.

I’m not really sure about hands. Gloves are a nice idea but I don’t have any thoughts on what would look good other than taking the 3.0 approach of textures.

As long as it doesn’t look horrible and we aren’t required to shove half a gun through our shoulder, I’m fine with anything.


Like you mentioned, it seems that stretching/contortions are unavoidable- I think the goal here should be to minimize how contorted the arm can get instead of trying to fix it outright because that goal seems unrealistic.
As long as the Bluntforce situation isn’t re-introduced, I think most people would be content with the playermodel. :smiley:

As for giving the character feet, I personally don’t think it fits too much as in my eyes, either the entire character should be blocky or should be detailed to the same fidelity with extremities, etc. Mixing the two makes it come off like a LEGO or Roblox character like mentioned before.

Other than that- and more ‘unrelated’ to what we’ve seen so far- I’m curious to see how people would react to a playermodel akin to Ravenfield’s.
Got an imgur album with a few variations of it from Google lol (Evolution of the Ravenfield Playermodels Through Development - Album on Imgur)


I’m not sure, I think a playermodel akin to Ravenfield’s would be a bit too far of a departure from Unturned so far.


I’d choose Blocky over Bendy. I personally like the idea of a slightly more detail/less “blocky” character design. I think having something between Unturned 3’s and, as Animatic pointed out, Ravenfield’s character design (might I also add Sub Rosa’s character design) would be better for Unturned II.
Sub Rosa Character Design Example:


Having a blockier character would be cool especially with all the things you can do with it. But to me I feel like having a bendy character just fits Unturned more, even if it has some slight problems.

Quite a few games have blocky characters like Minecraft, Roblox, LEGO games, and others. Unturned’s characters feel unique how they are and the ragdoll physics can sometimes be hilarious to witness.


Personally, I like the advantages that come with a blockier character but dislike the roblox-minecraft style that comes with it.

Rigid joints make the character feel too toy-like in my eyes. While I don’t like it, I’d prefer the shoulder stretching and oddball animations over this stylistic change.


blocky character


Blocky = Better


Current unturned model, skeleton has signature/vibe/charm, the one with separated blocks just looks like trash, no offence. Just another blocky style. Re-inventing bicycle. Blocky/more complex on budget. No, thank you.


Polygon style :face_vomiting:

What if you rotate the cube by 45 degrees. Arms, legs, neck are extended cubes that have the pointy ends forward. Or use a shear function of the edges.

I’m a bit ignorant on the subject so I might be talking nonsense, please bear with me.

But isn’t it possible to make a happy medium between blocky and Bendy? Like, the thighs to the knee are connected to the torso, while the shin and foot are blocky.
This would allow the butt not to look so awkward when the character is sitting down.
Same thing for the shoulders, arms, forearms and hands, making the shoulders not look so disjointed with the torso when crawling.

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Personally, I think that the block model does not look bad, however, I doubt that this is the final modeling, and I suppose that by the end there will be adjustments and improvements.

Actually, I think that if the change will bring more content to the game, then it is necessary.
There is no point in clinging to the “Unturned Style” if it leads us to stagnate and limit the mechanics.

So a new modeling will bring more content to the game, as long as it is unique.
By this I mean that the block modeling, after changes and improvements, should be unique to Unturned, and be the new style of Unturned 2.0.

So in conclusion, I prefer the new block model. :point_left:

Unturned 2 would change and improve everything that Unturned 1 couldn’t be, so… Why limit the game there?


bendy seems weird


I’d go for anything that would be convenient for everyone including yourself, so in that case the blocky model. Everyone grew up with the classic model since 7 years ago (Even back in 1.0) but it’s not necessarily important and it’s already shown that there’s too much fuss about it from the past discussions on it

If we get segments and details like that, it would open up for more aesthetic designs compared to having to compromise with the hand/arm and foot/leg fusion.

My other hope is that a design should be settled on or else too much precious time is wasted on perfecting the model while there are other core parts of the game to be touched on


A blocky character is much better, allows more specific limbs to be seen instead of just having only legs, arms, a torso, a neck, and a head. Making character models have more detail is a step in the right direction, the bendy model made gunfights quite unsatisfying with its unhuman dimensions and overly basic design. Along with that, the bendy model was pretty silly and looked childish for what is supposed to be a survival game.


Without a doubt, blocky.