Best underground bunker system in U3?

In my opinion it is the Secret Scorpion 7 facility found on the Russia map during the shadowstalker quest. Such as shame they made it so small and unlootable though.

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The compound tunnel on Carpat its the best

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From what I’ve heard that bunker has like 0 loot inside of it.

That lab isn’t “underground” you dont know where it is.

-bunker on pei is like and actually prepper bunker
-best is aegis facility

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From the current maps in the game, the subway system under St. Petersburg on Russia is pretty neat. But y’all don’t know what’s coming



The best underground bunker in U3 history, hands down, is the KR headquarters during MJF season 1

On a more serious note, the RULA bunker in France is kickass


As a matter of fact you do. The secret scorpion 7 lab on the Russia map is slightly outside the bottom right part of the Russia map. It is about half-way underground (so 50% below the map, and 50% above the lowest part of the texture) and although it is “outside” the Russia map per se, you can still access it via the editor and it is still technically underground.

I am quite upset that there isn’t a massive Scorpion 7 bunker complex anywhere.

So make one.

If it needs to be in an official/curated map then one of these people could probably give you some advice on what you would need to do to make a curated map.

My fav bunker is ether the ZPD bunkers or the Hellenic Forces base.

bunker arena map


The bunker in carpat is very related to my life.

Twists and turns, most of them usually leads to dead ends. And some that contains something are usually bad in general.

Can’t say if it’s the “best” one or not though.

gotta love me the classic holman isle militia bunker

best loot.

I get better loot from the above-ground portion than I do from actually entering it. ;’)

RULA Facility was pretty unique. I think it could’ve been better with more ways for players to enter or if it had more air pockets, but that’s more of an issue with the core design philosophy behind looting it.

But since air is so readily available just by going back to the entrance for a few seconds, I feel like air pockets and a more spread out complex would’ve worked well. Kinda hard to implement too many hazards unless they used zombies like in Germany.

Idea behind RULA was that you need diving gear in order to get to high tier loots and it works, adding air pockets wouldn’t exactly be possible without either: expanding the island substantially (to cover more bunker going above water level and covering more tunnels in order to keep the diving gear idea) or doing extreme water volume trickery (which I don’t think would be feasible). I did think about more entrances (specifically entrance from underwater as an entrance tunnel by militia group but it was idea that occured to me after pretty much finishing the layout and I didn’t feel like expanding the bunker more in order to make underwater entrance not a straight shortcut (it was planned to enter somewhere around the reactor area). In general I’m satisfied with how it turned out because it’s a pretty new idea for diving gear to be a neccesity in order to loot a location and it provided a high-tier ranger loot spot on France.


That is actually exactly what I am doing…

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