Better injuries

I wanna focus on the broken legs feature with this post in 3.0. Lets look at 3.0. Break your legs, can’t jump or run. I am not a fan of that and i wanna change it. When you break your leg(s) you should be able to run and jump, but not fully. What i mean by that is that walking should be slower and take stamina, running should be 70% slower and take alot of stamina, and you should be able to do small bunny hops. And instead of the amount of stamina taken away or the power of that activity being the same, maybe decrease/increase the stamina or power depending on how serious the injury is. Fell 3 meters ? 20%. Fell 100 meters ? You should be dead but 100% power taken away.

  • I want to see the ability to fell unconscious in Unturned II when you absorb a big amount of damage.

Not fall unconscious by like you’re not able to move or see but fall unconscious by very dark and blurred vision because if you aren’t able to move or see for like 5 minutes then you are completley vunerable, since in multiplayer that 5 minutes will be in real time.

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This is exactly what i was talking about, but from the gameplay side.

ACE medical when?

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I don’t like this. Instead of suggesting how you could take certain actions to avoid broken bones, such as rolling on impact, you’ve suggested to simply reduce the penalty when the leg is broken. Three meters is perfectly survivable without broken legs, provided you roll like you’re supposed to.


Personally I would prefer that the player simply cannot run or jump, as it would make items like splints and morphines even more useless, as the player can still run and jump. However, I believe that the player should be able to climb things like windows or small boxes, getting close enough and pressing the jump button.

You should be able to upgrade a certain skill in the skills menu (if there is gonna be one) that increases the chances of a automatic roll. (This skill will be affected on the fall distance.) And im not a fan of giving something thats so rarely used a button because that will remove a free button for future features.

And I am not a fan of giving people RNG get-out-of-hail cards

As i said, the power of abilites (running speed and jump distance) will be greatly reduced. Maybe make the injuries long term so that it takes 30 min real time to heal a bone. The bones heal under 2 minutes in 3.0, making the morphines and splints useless. Increasing the time to heal a bone makes the splints more useful.

No, that’s not the solution either. A more useful keybind would to simply hold W or S, and the player will roll in that direction when they hit the impact.

Idon’t know man…seems kinda dead to me…

Maybe with the usage of items like wheelchairs or something like that but seeing someone run with broken legs is kind of unrealistic.I know unturned isn’t the most realistic game but it does need this bit of common sense.

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