Better storage system

I thing that we can go better than backapacks, clothes and system based olny on puting item on squares in your inventory. I thing that nice and helpfull idea is to add some king of punches with stuff like in Far Cry series. The main point of this idea is to keep random stuff in your storage out of madicine, ammo, and maybe guns. For example ammo punch, throwables punch and most imporatant- madicine punch (or kit). Every king of those bags will be able be to be upgraded by using special items (like lether, metal scrap or another). Madicine packs are diffrent. They will be able to keep syringes, bloodbags and pills in one pleace. With special key you will be able to use any of those to heal you anytime using medicament speciely for your requirement. If your life is low you need big cure so your bag will choose for something very curing like bloodbag. If wound is small requirement is low (same story). Throwables pack will be similar. If you will click choosen key on keyboard- granade or anything another you want will show up. And the last task. Numer of space for your weapons is I thing little bit too small. There should be an option to increase it. That is my idea, bye

I have no idea

An inventory management system would be nice, I remember suggesting some sort of “Save” button so that when you die and pick up all your stuff it doesn’t just randomly go into your inventory, but rather going into where it previously was if you have saved, usually I keep all my ammo in my vests, medicinals and food in my hands tab, so on and so forth.

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“Save” button seems like it’d be a bit finicky, especially if you have to reorganize your inventory or pick up new items. Maybe in the options/controls/settings menu you can make it so certain item context types (IE: “Ranged Weapon,” “Map,” “Crafting Supply”) will prioritize going to a certain inventory storage (IE: “Backpack,” “Vest,” “Shirt”) first, and could be quick-toggled on/off via a single button click when actually in-game in your inventory.

Personally not too big on the idea just because I don’t think it’d be used, but I feel like that’d still improve the “save” button-type suggestion nonetheless.

Unturned 4.x might just completely scrap slots in favor of a solely weight-based system entirely, though.

EDIT: :thinking: Need to be able to favorite items. Not just in 4.x, but Unturned 3 too.


Yeah, that suggestion was made quite a bit ago when I was really obsessed with organisation, would still really want something to help aid with inventory management though, there are a lot of options on the table too.


My dictionary just suicided reading this, but whatever…

If what you talk about are holstered items, that’s already work in progress.

Was it 7 months ago?

LMAO idk (just saw this around. Post dead af)

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