Better then Hackers (Nevermind, just improved electricity)

From the time when I start to study on engineer I’ve used to all electricity stuff and even more - started to love that shit. I think that adding more improved electricity will make the game muuuch more varied and nerdy and that will be great. I suppose that It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Because it need to be an good adition not routine. So if in Unturned 2 will be an electronics like CCTV cameras, different lamps, some tech traps, doors with electric locks etc. First of all I suggest to add conductors and power suplies it will bring great managment in your base also it will be fun thing for raid. Just imagine when you go on the business , cut some conductors in power block and ligths go off, sneak the cameras and disable turrets it will be realy cool i think. SO lets sum up, this feature will make game much cooler and deeper, also just think about how much things can be added: some sirens systems, auto door locks, customable turrets, movement detectors and so on + it will be really satisfying to place all electric branches. Its have amazing potential and goodly express “easy to learn, hard to master”. What do you think?

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Well, as long as I don’t have to take an engineering course to learn how it works, it seems very pleasant! :sweat_smile:

Leaving jokes aside, I personally believe that it is a very good addition, especially the part of the electrical traps (how about a bucket of water with a power wire?).

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AHhahahha so sadistic, I mean just imagine that you die because of water basket haha. But yeah, I think that it have a lot of variants to apply

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I think the biggest thing that comes to mind for survival when talking about electricity is heat and refrigeration. I think if U2 focuses on survival things that have been teased like spoiling food and temperature management, things like electricity can really be beneficial to a player.

I know it is not established but I am guessing things like wood stoves and campfires will require logs to fuel the fire. A player will want to advance their base to have electricity so they do not constantly need wood for a heat source or cooking food. In 3.0 for example it was easier to have a never ending campfire than a electric stove that required power. But the player will save so much time and resources flipping switches on for lights and turning on stoves or AC units.

Rust has a really cool system for electricity, but I believe it was wasted potential. For the most part it really is just for turrets and maybe the cameras. I think a electricity system would benefit a game that focuses more on survival like U2 than Rust. If things like refrigeration become relevant a player will want to have a cooler or freezer room to store food.


I didnt read the wall but if electricity works like restone from minecraft I’m fine with it

I think in UII there should be hard elements of base building, instead of endless upkeep like a lot of people have suggested. So it would require some hard to find components and a lot of time to make a secure base, rather than just being able to whip up a metal 1x1 in a short time.

I think electric components should require a bit of skill and knowledge, so with the right know-how you could be able to make a base nearly unraidable, and set up complicated traps and gadgets and things like that.


Neat idea. I can see it being in the game.

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I think it would be nice to have this maybe even have locations that produce lots of power. Players can fight for these power sources to redirect to locations and lead cables from those locations to their base. Or literally just setup their own power source which is far more weaker.

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This is very irresponsible, I don’t understand why you left a comment at all

You’re literally right. Like I said before: “Easy to learn , hard to master”

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What exactly are you studying?

I can see scripting along the lines of GMOD LUA being a thing in II but so long as the foundation is there I don’t think it needs to nor should be a launch feature.

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