Big amount of concepts

Everything in google doc


bleeding is gay


The graphic is literally just ACE medical


The feature with boss zombies having different abilites sounds interesting.
This, and forests having a broader variety of plants (and looking more like a forest, being denser) would be something I’d like to see in U4.


IMO it’s better to create multiple suggestion posts, if you have wildly different ideas. It’d also be better if you posted stuff directly onto the site, rather than on a Google Doc. It’s easier for people to access, and it’s easier to use on-site functions. :X

Bleeding suggestions

This feels like it’s just meant to straight-up make bleeding harsher, but I’m not convinced that people think bleeding is underwhelming in U3. Your suggested bleeding mechanics conceptually seem like they’d feel RNG-heavy (even if they’re more-or-less technically not), which can be not fun for players.

A lot of things can cause bleeding. In U4, broken bones might also become more prevalent. These suggestions start to make bleeding a guaranteed death for someone in PvP combat, which means that whoever shoots first will also likely win that encounter during those first couple seconds (similar to U3).


Thanks for the correction regarding the presentation of topics.This is my first post, and I thought that it’s easier for people through a Google document. Now I will know for the future.

About the bleeding, in any case, the battle is won by those who shot first. Not always, but very often. But this decision is towards realism. And to be honest situations where a dude catches a few bullets and manages to get healed are very annoying. We think that the game should forgive less mistakes, if you didn’t notice someone, then you are a dead. Also, our proposed system diversifies treatment process.

And yes, if it is more convenient, then I can divide the work into many separate parts

it’s in a google doc

oh no.


I will split google doc on topics

the only thing i care about is fire. You said that it could be used as a raid item and would be too OP and should make not great against wooden buildings. So you could pour fuel/gasoline on the wood base and then throw a mootov on it and it would explode or burn down the intire buiding

In theory, it is possible to do this way. Therefore, we came up with the introduction of transition material from wood to iron. Reinforcing walls with stone or cement. Which will greatly save from fire.

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