Bigger buildings with less loot

just a quick suggestion

Ok, so we all know how easy it is to loot a town or even a city in unturned, it takes like 5-10 mins max if you don’t run into other players. this should change in Unturned II to make it more difficult.
besides the obvious fact of turning down gun spawns(i know like everybody has already said to do that), there should just be less loot in general in towns and cities because at the time being you can walk into Everett and leave with enough food to survive for weeks. we should also have bigger buildings in 2 because, for example, a school building that has two classrooms and a middle area with like 8 lockers is not that accurate of a modern school. a school building should have more classrooms and a possible second floor with the only food spawning in a lunchroom or on the playground/yard.

cant wait to hear from you guys in the comments!


I think buildings will have more realistic construction, thus will be bigger, considering how we were shown a bathroom a while ago.



but why?
i think the loot spawns are pretty balanced enough in 3.0

that’s a good thing
that means you can play longer without worrying about food/water
also to add on to the fact there’s the good/bad quality system involved

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I think it’s mainly because players can move fast. Sprint speed shouldn’t be this high

Yeah, a lot of foods should be rotten, but it should be zombies that deter looting areas.
Also what do you guys think about props for canned food and stuff, for decorating grocerie’s shelves.

nelson is focusing on PvE for 2, so hunger and water should be a bigger deal then it is right now.


Maybe with large sky scrapers you will just find paper and other office supplies and with large apartment buildings you will find food and you could go to bathrooms and drink from the top tank.

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