Blast marks in map editor


I saw the blast mark “object” in the editor. But for some reason it doesn’t really does anything. I was hoping it would make the surrounding more darken, like this.

Any thoughts?


You have to copy and past each one, after scaling it to make it look burnt. The more you copy and paste, the more burnt looking it gets. Don’t so it all much though, or you look like a area of the world is devouring light.


Its really faint but it is still there. Just a warning, if you copy and paste it too many times it will absolutely destroy your frames, so dont do too many.


But how many is too many though.

Just so I don’t overdo it.


Like 5 or more, I mean you will be able to tell if you look at it


First off, don’t use the blast mark decal too much, it can really effect game performance. (Edit: for a whole location I’d say ten times spread out is a decent amount, don’t overdo it).

Second of all, place the decals while you have deferred rendering on.

Third of all, make new materials or use a preexisting dark material by placing it in the devkit. This will look much better than just copy pasting the decal mark a few hundred times for an entire location.


So I have to make a new “black” material instead of using blast marks decals?


Not black, but generally darker. It could be dead grass or some sort of radioactive decay on what you need, but a plain black won’t look good.


Alright, thanks.