Blindfold other players

Did you realize that we can only blindfold our eyes? my suggestion is that we can blindfold surrender players (PS: if this is already possible please correct me).

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This has been suggested thousands of times before literally, and I’m fairly certain it’s on the Trello.

Pretty sure its already in 3.0

Staring at a blank screen is b o r i n g AF. No one wants to be blindfolded unwillingly sorry to be so blunt but honestly I’ve seen this suggested like 30 times and the majority of people disagree so I think its time to say, no blank screens, hindered vision is fine but unless you choose to stare at a blank screen no one wants to be forced to.

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Or little slits above and below the screen like the opposite of cinema bars

So are you afraid someone is going to steal your keyboard and force you into the surrender pose?


It would also be cool if you could put a cloth around their mouth to stop them from talking.

Whats with this forum and kidnapping people…

why do you suggest shit for unturned ll when it should be in 3?

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